2010 NFL Betting: AFC South Preview and Predictions

AFC South
Indianapolis Colts -155
Houston Texans +360
Tennessee Titans +375
Jacksonville Jaguars +1000

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Indianapolis Colts: The Colts largely have the exact same team that they had last season when they made it to the Super Bowl, but one very key difference could be a bit awkward. OC Tom Moore, the only coordinator that QB Peyton Manning has known during his successful tenure in Indianapolis, has now retired. Though we are confident that Manning can call the shots by himself without an offensive coordinator, we don’t know how Clyde Christensen is going to react this type of a position. Bringing back the injured and forgotten about WR Anthony Gonzalez should help a receiving corps that is already incredibly deep. Defensively, drafting DE Jerry Hughes is going to add a lot of depth to an already stacked set of defensive linemen. Indianapolis is going to be the cream of this division once again, but age may catch up to it one of these days. Manning is no longer a spring chicken.

Houston Texans: Look out for the Texans in 2010. They have the potential to be one of the best teams in football with a passing offense led by QB Matt Schaub. Surprisingly, there wasn’t an aerial attack more efficient than that of the Texans in 2010. The red zone offense was a significantly different story. Houston lost three games inside the opponent’s 20 yard line last year, something that many wondered whether HC Gary Kubiak would live to tell about. It’s playoffs or bust this year for the Texans, as they really need to get over the hump and get into the second season for the first time in franchise history. Though everyone in Houston is exciting about DB Kareem Jackson coming to town, keep an eye on second rounder RB Ben Tate, who could be a big difference maker on the goal line.

Tennessee Titans: Tennessee was an embarrassment under QB Kerry Collins during the first part of the season, but all of a sudden, going 8-2 in the second half of the year with QB Vince Young calling the shots gives bright hopes for 2010. Young has never been a quarterback with flashy numbers, but he just keeps finding ways to win games, and that’s all anyone could ask out of an NFL quarterback. There is a big question whether or not RB Chris Johnson is going to report to training camp on time or not, but he is clearly deserving of a new contract after rushing for 2,000 yards and leading the team in receptions to boot. Defensively, the Titans have some work to do on defense, especially since this was a unit that gave up 59 points to the Patriots last year. DE Kyle Vanden Bosch needs to be replaced now that left via free agency. Still, we aren’t doubting HC Jeff Fisher’s ability to put a playoff contender together.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Not only might the Jaguars be in their dying years in Jacksonville, but the HC Jack Del Rio era is probably about to be coming to a close as well. Del Rio badly needs to bring Jacksonville back to the playoffs after two miserable seasons. QB David Garrard is going to have to prove that he is capable of leading a franchise to the second season, something that hasn’t come easily since he replaced QB Byron Leftwich as the man in charge of the Jags. Jacksonville has a great running game with RB Maurice Jones-Drew, but the defense which was once considered the staple of the franchise is in shambles right now and needs a lot of work. Could this team win eight games? Certainly. However, especially if the season gets off to a bad start, there really isn’t going to be any wiggle room for Del Rio and the Jags to get back into things.


Palm Beach Daily News March 16, 2009 | MICHELE DARGAN Silda Wall Spitzer epitomizes the phrase “living well is the best revenge.” The Harvard-educated attorney proved Thursday that she has come a long way from a year ago, when she stood solemnly by as her husband, Eliot, resigned as governor of New York amid a prostitution scandal. see here cnbc fast money

“You would have to be living on Mars” not to know that her life took “a sharp turn to the private sector a year ago,” she said.

Spitzer got a standing ovation from the roomful of mostly women who attended the Women In Power series at the Cohen Pavilion at the Kravis Center. Palm Beach’s Private Client Group at National City sponsors the series, with proceeds benefiting the YWCA of Palm Beach County.

Suzanne Turner, executive director of the YWCA, introduced Spitzer as someone whose “major passion in life is fostering community development and social responsibility in young people.” Turner described Spitzer as “a real child advocate.” Spitzer’s topic: women in social change.

She spoke about overcoming challenges and surviving and thriving after a challenge.

“There is something incredibly powerful about a roomful of women, and there is nothing like a challenge to test that power and that is not something we are short of these days,” she said.

The former first lady of New York showed her sense of humor right off the bat when she asked if anyone had heard the story of 10 men and one woman who were being rescued from a sinking boat by a helicopter. All were clinging to a dangling rope, but one person had to let go or the rope would break.

“The woman gave an incredibly moving speech about how she would die to save the lives of the others because, as a woman, she has had to do so much for her husband, her children, her friends, her neighbors and never expecting anything in return,” she said. “When she finished speaking, all the men were so moved they started clapping.” Spitzer, 51, displayed a photo of herself, looking shaken during her husband’s resignation.

“We women can’t control the challenges that life gives us … like a really bad time and a really bad picture,” she said. “But we are smart, strong and nimble enough to survive. That said, survival should not be enough. We should aim not just to survive, but to thrive.” A new photo flashed on the overhead screen: Spitzer looking radiant and vivacious.

Spitzer worked in the field of international law, leaving the practice to be a full-time parent when her third daughter was born. She founded Children for Children, a nonprofit group that helps young people from all backgrounds become involved in volunteering.

Spitzer describes the early days of the group as a volunteer effort meeting over her dining-room table without any funding.

“Now, 13 years later of sweat equity, Children for Children has a professional staff, a budget of over $2 million and last year alone we engaged over 100,000 kids in 27 states with our entrepreneurial programs,” she said.

Last fall, Spitzer went back to work as managing director of Metropolitan Capital Advisors, a Manhattan hedge fund run by CNBC Fast Money panelist Karen Finerman.

“My main point today is that every one of us in this room can be a woman in social change,” she said.

Spitzer used the examples of Kate Stoneman, New York’s first woman lawyer and a suffragette who helped win women the right to vote, and Dolly Parton for her success as a singer, songwriter, actress, producer and businesswoman. web site cnbc fast money

“(Dolly Parton) has promoted literacy, donating millions of books annually both at home and overseas,” she said.

Spitzer said women have to overcome challenges and transform them. “We all have to face challenges that are large and small in life,” she said. “We all face personal and professional conundrums, roadblocks and even failures, not to mention the macro-challenges of the times in which we live.” She spoke of Carolyn McCarthy, whose husband was killed and her son severely wounded in 1993 when a gunman went on a shooting rampage on a New York City commuter train.

McCarthy, a nurse, ran for Congress on a gun control platform and has been serving there since.

Spitzer recommended the book Deep Survival by Lawrence Gonzales.

“At the heart of it is going back to your foundation, staying calm, assessing, making a plan that includes small, achievable goals, being grateful, retaining a sense of humor, retaining your perspective and never, never giving up,” she said.

“We cannot always, if ever, control what life gives us,” she said.

“The only things that we can control are our actions and our reactions, trying to navigate each challenge large or small and transmuting it into new possibilities.” — mdargan @pbdailynews.com MICHELE DARGAN

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