2010 World Cup Division Odds

The World Cup begins June 11th from South Africa and no one has more odds and props than BroburySports.com. We start our award-winning coverage with a look at the group odds.

Group A

South Africa is the home country, but they’ll have a very hard time advancing as the long shot here. France made the final in 2006 before losing to Italy.

France 1/1

Mexico 10/3

Uruguay 7/2

South Africa 5/1

Group B

Argentina always has plenty of talent and this year is no exception. Greece is looking for payback after missing the 2006 World Cup.

Argentina 4/9

Nigeria 4/1

Greece 7/1

South Korea 9/1

Group C

This is a very favorable draw for England, who has the Americans as the second-favorite in the Group. Team USA needs to advance to the second round to keep making strides.

England 3/10

USA 21/5

Slovenia 10/1

Algeria 14/1

Group D

The Germans are a solid all-around team once again. They finished in the top-3 in the last two World Cups. Serbia, Ghana and Australia look to battle for the other spot.

Germany 4/5

Serbia 10/3

Ghana 4/1

Australia 13/2

Group E

Netherlands has never won the World Cup, last finishing as runner-up in the 1970’s. The other three teams aren’t conceding anything and Netherlands advancing is not a given.

Netherlands 4/7

Denmark 15/4

Cameroon 9/2

Japan 11/1

Group F

Italy is the defending champs, but this team is not as strong as prior versions. Paraguay hasn’t had much prior World Cup success, but they should advance this year.

Italy 7/20

Paraguay 7/2

Slovakia 13/2

New Zealand 50/1

Group G

Brazil has the most World Cup titles with five, last winning in 2002. Portugal and Ivory Coast are fortunate that early-exit North Korea is in this draw.

Brazil 1/2

Portugal 10/3

Ivory Coast 15/4

North Korea 100/1

Group H

Spain is the favorite in the whole tournament and thus the heaviest favorite out of any Group. Chile looks like the toughest competition out of the rest.

Spain 1/4

Chile 9/2

Switzerland 9/1

Honduras 28/1

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