2012 AFC Divisional Futures Update

NFL Betting Trends- AFC Divisional Futures Odds Update

The odds have been released for all 32 NFL team’s chances to win their respective division this season, so now is a good time to take a look at where the value lies in the numbers. Last week week’s NFL Betting Trends took a look at the NFC so this week we will turn our attention to all four divisions in the AFC.


New England Patriots -400

All-Pro wide receiver Wes Welker decided to sign his franchise tag and head coach Bill Belichick decided to use the draft to address some defensive needs so its full speed ahead in New England.

New York Jets +5002012 AFC Divisional Futures Update

You just cannot help get the feeling that the whole Tim Tebow thing in New York is going to go horribly wrong resulting in an even bigger fiasco than last year.

Miami Dolphins +800

Miami has a solid defense and a fairly respectable running game, but it still has not addressed its immediate need at quarterback. Ryan Tannehill may end-up being great some day but not this season.

Buffalo Bills +1200

The addition of free-agent linebacker Mario Williams was huge, but the Bills offense still lacks a legitimate starting quarterback and bringing in Vince Young as a back-up is not the answer.


Houston Texans -650

With quarterback Matt Schaub back healthy, the Texans should be able to pick-up where they left off before he went down. The addition of first-round pick defensive end Mercilus Whitney should help ease the loss of Mario Williams.

Tennessee Titans +500

The Titans are already playing for a wildcard considering the gap between themselves and the Texans. Look for Jake Locker to be Tennessee’s starting quarterback on opening day.

Jacksonville Jaguars +1200

New head coach Mike Mularkey should be able to add a new found sense of enthusiasm to a team that has been going through the motions the past few years, but an overall lack of talent at too many positions will keep them from going too far.

Indianapolis Colts +1200

No matter how well or how poorly Andrew Luck plays this season, the Colts will have to be a better team than the one that sleep-walked its way through last season.


Baltimore Ravens +120

The Ravens are still getting the slight edge heading into the regular season but the loss of Terrell Suggs with a torn Achilles will bring this whole defense down and Ray Lewis is just too old to fix it.

Pittsburgh Steelers +140

The bloom appears to be off the rose for the betting public when it comes to Pittsburgh, but this team will not only win its division it is likely to bounce-back and win the AFC.

Cincinnati Bengals +325

Cincinnati is more than capable of making a run at the North title just like it did two seasons ago, but Andy Dalton is going to have to continue to develop at quarterback to get there.

Cleveland Browns +2000

This is going to be another lost season for the Browns. They continue have one false start after another and the addition of quarterback Brandon Weeden was a solid move for the future, but Cleveland fans are still looking at a five or six win season.


Denver Broncos +140

If Peyton Manning can quickly return to form, the Broncos should win the division, but there are still quite a few missing pieces on this team to make it much farther than that.

San Diego Chargers +140

Doomed by another slow start in 2011, you have to wonder if the window of opportunity has closed on this team. Philip Rivers is still a great quarterback but he cannot win games on his own.

Kansas City Chiefs +450

There is a ton of value in these odds considering that the Chiefs are just one season removed from winning the division title. The successful return of running back Jamaal Charles from a knee injury could go a long way towards making it two division titles in three seasons.

Oakland Raiders +600

This is another team that has been plagued with some fast starts only to fizzle down the stretch. Having quarterback Carson Palmer in camp from Week 1 will help the cause.




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