2012 NFL ATS Money Makers

NFL Betting Trends- 2012 ATS Money Makers

Everyone knows that the Baltimore Ravens are the best team in the NFL for the 2012 season after their thrilling 34-31 victory over San Francisco in Super Bowl XLVII, but for anyone who enjoys wagering on the games, the true measure of a winner is their final record for the year against the spread. The following is a look at the top money makers in 2012.


Overall 2012 Betting Trends

Looking back at the complete results for the NFL regular season, the Sportsbooks did a pretty darn good job at keeping the value in the spreads razor thin on a week-to-week basis. Overall, the favorites won 65.4 percent of the time straight-up, but this number drops all the way down to just 48.5 percent against the spread. The home team enjoyed a 57.2 percent edge over the road team SU, but ATS they only covered 47 percent of the time.

When you add it all up, the road underdogs offered the best return ATS last season by covering in 53.5 percent of the games. The next best return belonged to the road team in general with a winning percentage of 53 percent ATS. Favorites on the road came in at No.3 with a 52.2 winning percentage ATS.


Top ATS Teams

Looking back at the regular season records there was a four-way tie for the best record ATS at 11-5. At the top of the list was the Indianapolis Colts, who also finished the season with an 11-5 record SU. The reason they are our big winner was the fact they had won just two games the season before and were a costly 6-10 ATS.

The next team on the list at 11-5 ATS was the St. Louis Rams. While they did not enjoy the same turnaround as the Colts did on the field with a SU record of 7-8-1, they had the best turnaround dollar-wise after going an extremely costly 3-12-1 ATS the previous season. This was actually the worst record ATS of all 32 teams.

The third team at 11-5 ATS was the Washington Redskins. They won just five games SU in 2011 and finished with a 7-9 record ATS. This year, behind rookie sensation Robert Griffin III, the Redskins doubled their SU win total with a record of 10-6 while adding an extra four wins ATS.

The final team on the list at 11-5 ATS this season was the Seattle Seahawks. Their turnaround was not nearly as dramatic as the other three after going 7-9 SU in 2011 and a respectable 9-6-1 ATS.

An honorable mention goes out to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who were just a half a game away from joining this list at 10-5-1 ATS. The Buccaneers finished this season 7-9 SU, but have to be somewhat happy with the progress after a 10-game losing streak to close-out the regular season left them 4-12 both SU and ATS in 2011.

A few other teams with a profitable record ATS this season were Denver at 10-6 and Atlanta and Cincinnati at 9-6-1. There were five teams at 9-7 and two teams at 8-7-1. The other 17 NFL teams were .500 or worse ATS this year.

When it came to the playoffs, the Ravens not only went on an amazing four-game run to win it all, they were a veritable gold mine for anyone who jumped on their bandwagon for the entire ride at 4-0 ATS. Seattle (2-0) and San Francisco (2-1) were the only other playoff teams with a winning record ATS.


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