2013-14 Super Bowl Odds Through Week 10

Week 10 of the 2013 NFL season is said and done with, and today, we are going to be looking at some of the best and most valuable odds to win the Super Bowl as we continue on with the campaign.

1: Denver Broncos (+370) – The bottom line with the Broncos is that even though they are second best in their own division right now, they are still the overwhelming favorites to be the top seed in the AFC playoffs this year. QB Peyton Manning and the gang have made very few mistakes, and the offense continues to be one of the most explosive in the league. Manning is inevitably going to end up breaking the record for the most touchdown passes in a season, as he already has 33 through just nine games. He is probably going to break the record for the best quarterback rating ever as well, as he is at 121.0 right now, and he is going to probably complete around 400 passes and complete right around 70 percent of his passes to boot. The offense already has four different players with nine touchdowns on the season, and there is a good chance that all four are going to be in double digits by the time November is over with. These next three weeks will make the whole season for the Broncos, as they have the Chiefs twice and a road game against the Patriots strewn in the middle of it, but we would be surprised if this club did any worse than 2-1 in those games. That would probably be good enough to ultimately win the AFC West and the #1 seed, and that’s all that we care about right now.

2: Detroit Lions (+2300) – We’re skipping over a ton of the favorites right now to get to the Lions, who we were backing four weeks ago at 66 to 1 to win it all. Of course, we didn’t know that the Packers were going to lose their top two quarterbacks and the Bears were going to lose their starting quarterback, but even so, Detroit has taken care of the business at hand. Its defense is making some plays when it needs to, and this is starting to look like the club that got into the playoffs two years ago. The Lions already have a game on both the Bears and the Packers, and they have the tiebreaker over Chicago for the rest of the year. A win over Green Bay on Thanksgiving Day would probably win the division, and there is a good chance to be 8-3 going into that game. If the Packers lose to the Giants this week, there isn’t a single game left on the schedule against a team that is above .500. RB Reggie Bush already has nearly 1,000 total yards of offense this year, and he was a perfect fit for this team. QB Matthew Stafford is going to throw for at least 4,500 yards and 30 TDs this season, and WR Calvin Johnson might ultimately smash all of the records that he has set throughout his career this season as well.

Sportsbook.AG3: Cincinnati Bengals (+2400) – Yes, the Bengals have lost back to back games in overtime, and the time is going to have to come where they learn how to win these close games against good teams. However, they are still playing in a lousy division, and if they take care of business this week against the Browns like they should, order will be restored, and the AFC North race will go through the Queen City. There aren’t many games left in which Cincinnati won’t be favored, and with the tiebreaker over the Patriots already procured and a game against the Colts at home still left to play, there is a decent chance that the Bengals might ultimately contend for a first round bye in the playoffs, perhaps at 11-5. This is a much better team than the one that we have seen lose to the Texans in each of the last two seasons in the opening round of the playoffs, and that experience might finally carry over this year. QB Andy Dalton will get back on track, and when he does, this will become a dangerous team with one of the best defenses in the league.

4: Baltimore Ravens (+10000) – The time is going to come when the Ravens figure out how to run the football, and when they do, they are going to look a lot like last season’s team which came out of nowhere to win the Super Bowl. Baltimore has a winnable game this week against the Bears, and if that one is had, the team will be .500 with four home games and two road games left to play. There’s no reason not to finish 9-7, and that might ultimately be good enough to win the AFC North, believe it or not. Even still, that last Wild Card slot in the AFC is clearly up in the air as well. QB Joe Flacco isn’t having a bad season, and this defense has quietly held teams down to right around 17 points per game since the opening week of the season against the Broncos. We’ve already seen Baltimore go on the road and beat Denver last season, and if it can get into the postseason, we aren’t going to bet against another magical run. That’s why we are still at least willing to take a flyer on the…

5: Houston Texans (+50000) – A 2-7 team isn’t going to win the Super Bowl all that often, but this isn’t your average 2-7 team. It’s a 2-7 team that, if it did what it was supposed to do late in games, would be 5-4 or 6-3 at this point. Sure, you could argue that a massive comeback against the Chargers and a late surge against the Titans is all that has this team at 2-7 instead of 0-9, but we still think that this has largely been an unlucky team, not a lucky one. There are only three games separating the Jets and the Texans, and though there are a lot of games in the middle to be played, we know that 8-8 is at least going to be good enough to challenge for a spot in the playoffs. Both New England and Denver are on the docket, but both of those games are to be played at home. Two games against Jacksonville and a game against Oakland are still on tap as well. We might be completely wrong about the Texans, and they might end up going 4-12. However, we wanted the Giants at +42500 a few weeks ago when they were 0-6, and they are down to 85 to 1. Houston might be the next team to take the huge jump in the right direction again.

Adam Markowitz

is a staff writer living in the Orlando area. He has covered NFL, MLB, college football, CFL, AFL, NBA, college basketball, NASCAR, golf, tennis, and the NHL for a number of various outlets in his career, and he has been published by a number of different media outlets, including the Orlando Sentinel and the Wall Street Journal.