2013 Super Bowl Odds Through Week 4

2013 Super Bowl Odds Through Week 4Week 4 of the 2013 NFL season is said and done with, and today, we are going to be looking at some of the best and most valuable odds to win the Super Bowl as we continue on with the campaign.

1: Denver Broncos (+280) – It’s really tough to imagine any way that the Broncos could not win the Super Bowl at this point. Granted, it’s only four games, but four dominating games it has been! Denver is averaging 22 more points per game than its opponents are scoring, and QB Peyton Manning is on pace for just some stupid marks. He is completing 75.0 percent of his passes with a 138.0 quarterback rating. Manning, if he was to keep this up for the rest of the year, would have 468 completions, 5,880 yards, 64 TDs, and not a single pick. To say that that makes him a demigod is an understatement. What’s amazing about this offense is just how well the ball is being spread around. Three rushers have at least 120 yards, and four receivers have at least 18 catches and at least 237 yards. Three have at least four touchdowns as well. The defense hasn’t been remarkable, but when you’ve got an offense that can average 483.0 yards and 44.8 points per game, you don’t need to do a whole heck of a lot defensively.

2: Seattle Seahawks (+485) – We aren’t all that sure that the Seahawks are deserving of this type of a mark on the Super Bowl odds at this point, they already have two wins on the road in 1:00 ET games this year, and that’s a huge accomplishment. Seattle is already two up on the 49ers, and if that keeps up, home field advantage will be on its side. And, as we have seen over the course of the last year and change, you don’t go into CenturyLink Field and win all that often. QB Russell Wilson hasn’t been at his best at this point, and RB Marshawn Lynch hasn’t turned on Beast Mode over the course of this season yet either. That’s what really makes this team brutally disgusting, because this defense is just flat out nasty. What got the Seahawks last year in the playoffs was having to play on the road. Getting to play at home this year makes it darn near impossible for anyone else to get wins.

3: Cincinnati Bengals (+2800) – We would have really felt better had the Bengals beaten the Browns last week. However, losing that game on the road probably put us in a lot better situation in terms of the Super Bowl odds. We remain unimpressed with the Ravens, and the Browns are still the Browns. The Steelers look like one of the worst teams in football at the moment as well. QB Andy Dalton is getting it together, and this defense is one of the most underrated in the league. The AFC North stinks, and the Bengals are going to win the division as we see it. What else we really like about the Bengals right now? Here’s the schedule for the rest of the year: New England, at Buffalo, at Detroit, vs. the Jets, at Miami, at Baltimore, Cleveland, bye, at San Diego, at Pittsburgh, Minnesota, Baltimore. There literally are only two or three games max on this schedule in which this team won’t be favored the rest of the way. We’ll chalk up that 17-6 loss to the Browns last week as a blip on the radar and move on from there to believe in this club.

4: Detroit Lions (+4000) – The Lions can legitimately win the Super Bowl this year, as much as most probably wouldn’t want to admit to it. Take away the fact that this team is Detroit and objectively look at this. The team is 3-1 and is on top of the NFC North. Even if this game against Green Bay is lost this week as it should be, the next three games are against the Browns, Bengals, and Cowboys, and at least in two of those games, it will be favored. The rest of the schedule isn’t all that friendly, but when you look at the offense with QB Matthew Stafford and WR Calvin Johnson and how this unit looks with RB Reggie Bush and RB Joique Bell making exciting plays out of the backfield, you have to be impressed. This is a team that isn’t nearly the same as all of the other losing Lions team that we have seen in the past, and we think that the club is going to ultimately be in the second season, perhaps as the NFC North winners.

5: New York Giants (+12000) – The Giants might be 0-4, and there might have only been one team since the merger to make the playoffs after losing their first four games of the campaign, but this isn’t as hopeless as it seems. Losing three road games isn’t the end of the world, and the only home game thus far was against the Broncos. Two of the next four games are against the Eagles, who can’t seem to stop anyone right now, and there are five home games in the next seven. Those games come against the Eagles, Vikings, Raiders, Packers, and Cowboys, and the G-Men will certainly be favored in at least four of those five games. There are still five games to be played in division, and after this weekend, if all of the chalk holds up, the team will be just one back of the Cowboys in the division. There’s no way that this team should be 120 to 1 at this point.

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