5Dimes Bet Tracker App a Must Have For Sports Bettors

Any time that you can get a leg up on sportsbook, you have consider taking it. When that leg up is free, it is something that no sports bettor can live without. 5Dimes Sportsbook is offering up a free Bet Tracker App for users of the iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android to help work with your 5Dimes account to track all of the bets that you make on a daily, weekly, or heck, even annual basis!

mlb bettingThe Bet Tracker App is a great tool for a multitude of reasons. Want to know what the score of today’s top MLB betting affair is? 5Dimes’ Bet Tracker App has that function. Want to know what the weekend’s schedule looks like on the gridiron? It has that, too. Looking for specific game stats and all of the betting lines that were available on the game? You guessed it; 5Dimes’ Bet Tracker App has it all.

Perhaps the even more interesting tool that can be used with the Bet Tracker App is the ability to place bets and follow them right there on your Smart Phone or iPhone. Once you place a bet on your phone, it will show up in your queue as an “Open Bet.” From there, you can keep that screen open on your phone, and not only will the score and time (or inning) update right in front of you, but the app will also show your percentage chance of winning the game from that point on. This is especially useful when you are talking about live betting. Though live betting cannot be done at the moment on with the Bet Tracker App, 5Dimes Sportsbook still has a very useful website that doesn’t require all that much information to be run on your Smart Phone or iPhone to operate. For all of the events that 5Dimes offers live betting on, you can use both the Bet Tracker App and the website in tandem, and matters are even easier if you have a computer in front of you.

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If you place your bets before the game ever gets started though, this is where the Bet Tracker App is truly useful. Those games are automatically transferred into the application for tracking, and the current lines for the games are also updated.

For those who are looking to bet on the go, the Bet Tracker App is perfect. Once a game that you bet on is finished, it moves from the “Open Bets” to the “Closed Bets,” and you’ll see either the credit or the debit come into or go out of your 5Dimes account right there on the spot.

All that you have to do to get your Bet Tracker App from 5Dimes Sportsbook is to make a deposit of at least $500 into an account. By using our links here from Bang the Book, you can also get a 50% signup bonus or a 20% re-up bonus for those of you that already have accounts. If you don’t have an account at 5Dimes, there has never been a more perfect time to join than the present. You can deposit your $500, get $250 in bonuses, and the free Bet Tracker App, all just for signing up!

Aaron Ryan

Aaron Ryan has been in the sportswriting biz since the late-90s, and he has worked side by side with some of the best and brightest in sports gambling. Always searching for the best trends in sports, Andrew uses his brilliant math mind to his advantage to beat the books.