Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Ohio State Buckeyes: Sugar Bowl Preview and Pick

Arkansas Razorbacks
(10-2, 9-3 ATS)

Ohio State Buckeyes
(11-1, 9-2-1 ATS)

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The SEC has absolutely dominated the Big Ten in the bowl season this year, but the big boys from the best in conference in the Midwest have one last chance at some vengeance, as the Ohio State Buckeyes engage in NCAA football betting warfare with the Arkansas Razorbacks in the Sugar Bowl on January 4th.

Give a ton of credit to Head Coach Bobby Petrino and his staff this year, as this has turned into a legitimate Top 10 team in the country. Petrino’s Hogs took care of some great teams like the Texas A&M Aggies, South Carolina Gamecocks, Georgia Bulldogs, LSU Tigers, and Mississippi State Bulldogs this year, and they should be very proud to have finished with a ten win regular season. QB Ryan Mallett is probably playing in his last game with the Razorbacks, and this is his last chance to prove to NFL scouts that he has a chance to really perform highly at the next level. The junior threw for 3,592 yards and 30 TDs, and he’ll be setting career highs in both categories here at the Sugar Bowl. He has three straight games with at least three TD passes under his best as well, and you can bet that Mallett is going to do everything he can to make sure if this is the final game of his career, that it is one to remember. Things have been difficult this year with WR Greg Childs being knocked out for the year just halfway through the campaign, but when you look around at what Arkansas has to offer, you realize that there is an 1,100 yard back in RB Knile Davis and a whopping five receivers that will have at least 600 yards by the time this one is said and done.

Ohio State’s biggest question in this game is whether five juniors, led by QB Terrelle Pryor are really playing in their last game with the Bucks in spite of the fact that they have all pledged to come back for their senior seasons. Pryor and company were suspended for the first five games of next season, and they are only being allowed to play in this game due to the fact that they pledged to remain Buckeyes in 2011. Pryor threw for 2,551 yards and 25 TDs this year, but there are two more offensive stars that could be in some trouble as well. RB Daniel Herron and WR DeVier Posey were both in this scandal with selling merchandise and getting discounted tattoos. Herron rushed for 1,068 yards, while Posey had 778 receiving yards. Still, this is a team built on its defense. This unit ranked No. 2 in the land this year at 251.6 yards per game, and with a good enough performance, this unit can finish No. 1 in the land in scoring. Right now, it is No. 3 at 13.3 points per game.

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We see it almost every year that the SEC is just the dominating conference over the Big Ten, and we tend to believe that that will remain in place on Tuesday night. We love taking the points one way or the other, but we don’t think the Sugar Bowl odds make one bit of difference.

Sugar Bowl Free Pick: Arkansas Razorbacks +3.5

THIS DRESS WAS OUR BRIDE AND JOY; Five weddings, five brides – one dress. We asked a top bridal shop to choose their most popular wedding dress, then tracked down the stories behind the women who hired it. CHRISTINE FIELDHOUSE reports…(Features)

The People (London, England) October 31, 1999 | Fieldhouse, Christine THE DRESS The ivory satin Hilary Morgan gown has a beaded fitted bodice.

It has short sleeves and a full skirt, with frills round the hem line and a waterfall back. It costs pounds 700 to buy but is hired out for pounds 250 by the Poppy Bridal Shop in Darlington, Co Durham. Dresses are hired just five times a year and are altered and cleaned for each bride.

FACTORY worker Carolyn Golightly married 33-year-old Christopher on June 20, 1998 at St Andrew’s, Bishop Auckland. Christopher, a welder, and Carolyn have two children, Craig, five and Andrew, two. The family live in Coundon, Co Durham.

Carolyn, 35, says: “Getting my dress was a major worry. I’d been with Chris for 15 years when we decided to tie the knot and I wanted to look my best for him.

“I’m a size 14 and a bit self- conscious about my body. I was a 10 once but piled on the pounds after having the children. I must admit I had images of me looking like the Sugar Plump Fairy. I went to Poppy Bridal Shop but the first dress I tried on made me look like a tacky china doll.

“Then I tried another – and just couldn’t believe how good I looked.

“I loved the waterfall train and the beading around the shoulders.

“I’d heard of people buying wedding dresses and then leaving them in the wardrobe to rot. Not me. I wanted to hire one, take it back and just keep the memories.

“The service was at 2pm. My dad had died a few years before so my uncle James gave me away. When he saw me nervously walk into the church, he turned and said: `Your dad would have been proud, love’.

“When I reached Chris, he whispered that I looked gorgeous. Even little Craig, who was four, said, `You look beautiful, mammy!’ “I kept my dress on for the 300 guests at the reception, detaching the train when it became too heavy.

“I hated taking it back. It had been such a perfect day in such a perfect dress. It doesn’t bother me that other people had worn it. I just think there are a lot of women out there with good taste!” JILL Batey, 31, married 32-year-old Stephen, a truck driver, on June 27, 1988, at St Andrew’s Church, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham. The couple had been together for 15 years. They have three children, Emma, 10, Kimberley, seven and Anthony, one. Jill, a full-time mum, was two months pregnant with Anthony on her wedding day.

Jill says: “I did everything topsy-turvy – had kids, then got married. But I don’t regret a thing.

“Stephen kept asking me to marry him but I always said no. I suppose I just didn’t feel ready.

“But as the years passed, I started to feel a bit differently about this marriage business. The kids were growing up and didn’t have Stephen’s surname. Somehow it didn’t seem quite right.

“Then, in October 1997, Stephen and I were sitting in a pub and I just turned to him and said: `Why don’t we get married?’ “He practically choked on his beer! Like any bride, I wanted to look great and the first thing I did was look for the dress. We wanted a big white do with all the trimmings. I wanted a dress to impress.

“I decided to hire rather than buy one as it’s more economical. And I knew I’d never wear it again.

“I went to the Poppy Bridal Shop and tried on three dresses. But they were either too tight, too loose or just plain unflattering. Then my eyes caught sight of that dress – and it was love at first sight. website easrer dresses

“The assistant asked if I would like to try it on, but I already knew it was the dress for me. I loved the pearl bodice and lacy-edged neckline. When I did try it on it fitted like it had been specially made for me.

“On my wedding morning, after all my hair and make-up had been done, I knew I looked fantastic. And when I slipped into my dress I felt better than I’ve ever felt before. The power of a dress like that really is magical. My nervousness completely disappeared and I just couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle.

“My wedding was very traditional – apart from my transport. I arrived at the church in Stephen’s Scania truck! But otherwise, I did it by the book. I had seven bridesmaids, two pageboys and there were 70 guests – and every pair of eyes were fixed on me as I walked in.

“It felt absolutely wonderful.

“Stephen got all tearful and I knew from the second he saw me that I had made the two right decisions – to get married and to choose that particular dress.

“My brother Geoff, who is the spitting image of my late dad, gave me away.

“I kept the dress on for the evening do, but I cried when I had to take it back to the shop. I just didn’t want to let that dress go. It had given me the best day of my life.” KELLY Lavery, 21, is a former Army chef. She married Anthony, 23, at St Mary’s Church in Consett, Co Durham, on August 15, 1998. They have a four-month-old daughter Ella-Marie. Anthony is a radar operator in the Army.

Kelly says: “Anthony and I were best mates for a year before we started going out in 1996.

“We met through the Army and I thought he was a real laugh. We did everything together, shopping, clubbing…and gradually, before we’d even realised it, friendship grew to love. He even used to take me to my beauty salon where I liked to go on the sunbeds.

“It seemed the most natural thing in the world when we got it together.

“A year later we went on holiday to Spain. Anthony kept making stupid jokes about being engaged to me and in the end I lost my temper. `And what would be so wrong about getting engaged to me?’ I snapped. Then, as we talked it through, we decided it wasn’t such a daft idea after all.

“At first we planned a long engagement as we needed to save money. But then, in December 1997, we found out we were both being sent to Bosnia.

“I knew I wasn’t getting home until July 1998 and we had planned our wedding for the August. So I had one priority before leaving – to find my wedding dress.

“I’d always wanted to get married in a straight-fitted dress, but the staff at the Poppy Bridal Shop persuaded me to try on some different styles.

“I tried on four but none of them won me over. Then they passed me THE dress and I adored it. I tried it on with a little tiara and a veil and Mum, who’d come with me, nearly burst into tears. Some might say it was a bit over the top and maybe they’re right. But this was going to be the biggest day of my life and I wanted to look the part.

“It was a relief to have the dress sorted out when I went to Bosnia. Our families did a lot of the organising but I was relieved to get home. I felt absolutely brilliant on my wedding day. I had my hair done up at a salon but I did my own make-up.

“Mum gave me away as my parents are divorced and as I walked towards Anthony, his jaw practically dropped with delight. We just stood there grinning at each other.

“It sounds vain but I knew that dress made me look stunning. I kept it on for the reception. I wanted the whole world to see it.

“Giving it back was awful but when I saw the photographs I knew I’d have the memory of that dress to cherish forever.” JOANNE Sowerby, 25, married technician Ian, 35, on October 17, 1998, at St Paul’s Church in their home village of Evenwood, Co Durham.

Joanne, a sewing machine operator, says: “My romance with Ian was a complete whirlwind affair. Seven months after we met, we got engaged.

“I was on a family holiday in Turkey when I called Ian up from a phone- box and told him that I missed him.

“Over a crackly line he asked me to marry him and I said yes.

“When I got back home, he bought me a solitaire diamond ring.

“We’d planned to have a long engagement but a few months later Ian told me he’d arranged to see the vicar!

“Everything happened quickly after that. We set the date and booked the church. But my main concern was finding the dress. in our site easrer dresses

“I called two other shops in Darlington and tried on four dresses, which I hated.

“Then I went to the Poppy Bridal Shop and the moment I walked in, I saw MY dress hanging up – and that was it!

“It was so pretty, big, fluffy and feminine. The ruffles down the back were gorgeous and the neckline was so flattering.

“I didn’t care that it was short-sleeved and I might be cold in it – that dress just had to be mine.

“I thought about buying it but couldn’t see the point because I probably wouldn’t wear it again.

“On the day, there was a terrible storm but thankfully my dress didn’t blow up in the wind – though the curls in my hair did drop slightly.

“As I walked into the church, I had expected Ian to turn round to see me but he just looked straight ahead!

“Later he told me he was too shocked at how stunning I looked. He was speechless.

“Afterwards, the storm was so bad that we had to have our photos taken inside the church.

“But nothing could have put a dampener on my day. The man, the day and the dress made it a memory I’ll never forget.” ANGELA Spanton, 25, married Steven, 26, a truck engineer on August 7, 1999, at the Methodist Church, Bishop Auckland. They have two children, three-year-old Zoe and Drew, who’s two. They live in Newfield, County Durham.

Angela says: “Getting married was always something we’d wanted to do but never got round to.

“I’d been with Steven for two years when he proposed. I knew he was the one but we weren’t in a rush. Then I fell pregnant with Zoe.

“Drew came along two years later and marriage was pushed to the back of our minds. We needed money for new windows and central heating rather than a wedding.

“As we got our lives back on track we started planning our wedding for August, this year – and I started looking for my dress at once.

“I’d set my heart on a long full dress with a train and a sequinned bodice. But the two I tried on were either too plain or boring. I wanted to look glamorous.

“When I tried on dress number three, it was third time lucky. I loved everything about it, the scalloped-edged train, the decorated bodice…it was the dress of my dreams.

“I wanted to buy it there and then but it was too expensive, so I hired it instead.

“There was only one problem, from the day I tried on the dress to the week before my wedding, I’d lost a stone and gone from a size 12 to a 10. So the dress had to be taken in. “I was a bundle of nerves on the day. I was waiting outside the church thinking any minute now, everyone’s eyes would be on me.

“I needn’t have worried. Steven said he fell in love with me all over again when I walked in. I felt simply beautiful.

“After the big day, I kept on trying it on and staring at myself in the mirror. I just wanted to see myself one more time in that dress before I took it back.” Fieldhouse, Christine

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