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  • DECEMBER 27TH, 2014

    NFL Betting Trends Week 17

    Heading into the last week of the regular season in the National Football League, one could argue that it is more important than ever to do your homework to try and find some value when betting football. With so many different scenarios and possibilities looking to the recent betting trends to try and find a winner may be the added edge that a successful foo.....

  • DECEMBER 27TH, 2014

    BTB NFL Power Rankings Week 17

    The BTB Power Rankings lists the best 20 teams in the National Football League. With one week left in the regular season here is an unbiased look at the best teams in the NFL. If you don’t see your team on the list there is a good chance that they don’t belong here and you are a diehard fan that can’t see the truth. All comments or suggestions concerni.....

  • DECEMBER 27TH, 2014

    NFL Wagering Angles Week 17

    NFL Wagering Angles Week Seventeen: Riding Out the Season The NFL regular season is almost over. With just one week left in the regular season, many of the teams in the National Football League are riding out the season with little to nothing to play for. If the football handicapper can identify the teams that have given up on the season they could find a wa.....

  • DECEMBER 27TH, 2014

    NFL SuperContest Update Week 17

    The Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest is by far one of the best football handicapping contests ever conceived, and unfortunately like the NFL, the season is coming to a close.This contest costs $1,500 to join and 1,403 signed up this year, which was a record and that amount of entries meant that the first place prize is over $700,000. That first place is .....

  • DECEMBER 27TH, 2014

    Bovada:  Floyd Mayweather Jr vs. Manny Pacquiao

    At we review all of the best sports betting outlets with the hopes of finding the best of the best to bet on some of the upcoming events. One of the biggest events that people like to bet on is boxing, which is something that people have bet on for decades. The biggest boxing match in recent history could take place soon as Floyd Mayweather J.....

  • DECEMBER 26TH, 2014

    The Money Down: December 26

    Baltimore Ravens: Running on EmptyThe Baltimore Ravens are having trouble getting the running game in gear at the wrong time of the season. The Ravens have to win now if they want to make the playoffs.All I want for Christmas is a Ravens playoffs berth. #amiaskingfortoomuch— Choshua Jo (@Cho_bot_o) December 25, 2014Running back Justin Forsett.....

  • DECEMBER 26TH, 2014

    Full Court Report: December 26

    Houston Rockets: Does Smith Fit?The Houston Rockets recently signed the always controversial Josh Smith after the Pistons released him.Josh Smith is excited to join old friend @DwightHoward and the Houston Rockets: #NBA— (@NBAcom) December 25, 2014The question remains. How will he fit wi.....

  • DECEMBER 26TH, 2014

    The Gridiron Gambling Report: An NFL Betting Podcast Week 17

    Christmas comes early for the NFL betting fan as the Gridiron Gambling Report gets served up on a Tuesday afternoon just in time for the football fan preparing for the last week of the regular season in the National Football League. This podcast is just one of many valuable handicapping tools that a football betting fanatic should use when preparing to bet o.....

  • DECEMBER 26TH, 2014

    BetMania: Holiday Bowl Season

    At we do the work for you so you can sit back and enjoy some egg nog and the holidays with friends and family. Like you, we enjoy the college football bowl season and we love betting on every game on the busy schedule.  We have looked over the landscape of busy betting places and we have found a few that will give you the best betting offer .....

  • DECEMBER 25TH, 2014

    The Money Down: December 25

    San Diego Chargers: Don’t Mess with MantiThe San Diego Chargers have an emerging NFL star and he has a stern message for the rest of the league.Manti Te'o has message for taunting opponents:— NFL (@nfl) December 24, 2014Manti Te'o played every defensive snap in the Chargers' dramatic prim.....

  • DECEMBER 25TH, 2014

    Full Court Report: December 25

    Houston Rockets: Making It With McHaleThe Houston Rockets like what they are seeing from coach Kevin McHale. The Houston Rockets coach has agreed to a three-year contract extension and the three-year deal is worth nearly $13 million.Yahoo Sources: Kevin McHale, Houston agree to a three-year, nearly $13 million contract extension.

  • DECEMBER 24TH, 2014

    The Money Down: December 24

    Denver Broncos: Doubting ThomasThe Denver Broncos lost to the Cincinnati Bengals and something does not seem right with their usual reliable offense. One of the problems could be that some of the key cogs on offense are still dealing with injuries.#broncos Julius Thomas just ran around field. Cutting and moving much better than the last few weeks—.....