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  • AUGUST 9TH, 2012

    Rocketman Sports 2012 NFL Preseason – How To Win!

    NFL PRESEASON 2012 The NFL Preseason is upon us and the smell of football is in the air. Football is what most gamblers await year after year. However, a lot of people don't play the NFL Preseason. Its easy money ladies and gentlemen if you know what you are doing. Lets look at some things that may help you be a winner this year.With the NFL Preseason, .....

  • AUGUST 8TH, 2012

    2012 Independents Football Predictions

    The Independent teams in college football all seem to be on the rise this year as they continue to excel without being in a conference.  Notre Dame has always been independent but there have been talks about them moving into a major conference.  We definitely don’t see that happening.  Notre Dame is still the cream of the Independents but how will BYU, .....

  • AUGUST 8TH, 2012

    Sean Higgs breaking down the NFC East

    The calender says August, and that means NFL Pre-Season action! .. But let's focus on the upcoming season and here is my thoughts on the NFC East1. NY GIANTS - This pains me to write this as a lifelong Cowboys fan. But let's be honest. This team wins when it has too. They went 9-7 last year, but went on a run to win the Super Bowl for the 2nd time in 4 y.....

  • JULY 19TH, 2012

    RV: 2012 MLB If your going on the road, You need to take a Rubber

    The Dogs days of summer are fast approaching as divisional races take form and the trade deadline looms, as we scour the various angles and trends to get that edge in the final two plus months of baseball, we come across an often unexplored series angle. The Rubber game, which for those who don't know is the final game of a 3 game series in which the first t.....

  • JULY 10TH, 2012

    Sean’s All-Star Side + Total

    Hope everyone made a couple couples with my Prince Fielder HR Derby Selection $$$ For Tuesday nights All-Star Game I will be going UNDER the total of 8.5. A lot of pretty decent pitchers on both squads. Even with inter-league, hitters aren't that familiar with these front-end stud arms. My side selection will be on the AMERICAN LEAGUE. As I said above, I t.....

  • MAY 22ND, 2012

    Baseball / Moneyline Betting 101

    By Tony George / Tony George Sports   Baseball is confusing to the recreational gambler.  Well, let me state that another way, MONEYLINE WAGERING is confusing to the occasional gambler.  Let me do a short and sweet review of the Do's and Don't in moneyline wagering and a crash course in capping MLB.   MONEYLINE BETTING IN BASES - THE .....

  • MARCH 6TH, 2012

    Atlantic 10 Tournament Notes from Sean Higgs

    Here we go with the A-10 Conference Tournament. Sean Higgs is going to tell you the favorites and his dark horse to win it. Favorites - Temple is the #1 seed, STL the #2, Xavier #3, St Bonaventure #4. Richmond the #10 seed, won this .....

  • MARCH 6TH, 2012

    Big East Tournament Insight from Sean Higgs

    Here we go with our first look at the Big East Tournament as Sean Higgs finds you a gem in the rough. conference is huge. #1 Syracuse #2 Marquette #3 Notre Dame and #4 Cincy all have a double bye. #5 Georgetown #6 South Florida #7 Louisville and #8 West Virginia all have a bye. .....

  • MARCH 1ST, 2012

    Sean Higgs WCC Tournament thoughts

    Higgs is here with some WCC insightAll games are being played at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas. 1 seed St Mary's and 2 seed Gonzaga have byes till the semi-finals.Favorites. Well you probably heard of this Gonzaga team before. St Mary's is a good club and showed it by winning their first outright conference title since 1989.The Sleepers. I am no.....

  • MARCH 1ST, 2012

    Sean Higgs Ohio Valley Conference Break-Down

    Sean Higgs ready to look at the Ohio Valley Conference which starts tournament action on February 29th. All games will be played at Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.Top Seed is Murray State. You might have heard of them. Undefeated most of the year. This team did everything that was asked of them. They beat everyone in front of them. Their 2 .....

  • MARCH 1ST, 2012

    Sean Higgs Missouri Valley Tournament Preview

    I have always liked this conference. Last few years it has been getting a bit more popular. Let's get to it.All games will be played at the ScottTrade Center in St Louis, Missouri.Wichita State (26-4, 16-2)is the 1 seed, Creighton (25-5, 14-4) the 2. Both have a bye for Thursday. Both teams should get to Friday action barring a major upset.The Fa.....

  • MARCH 1ST, 2012

    Conference Tournament Brackets from Sean Higgs

    Here are some Conference Tournament Brackets, You need to know where these games are being played.