Bang the Book Welcomes BetIslands Sportsbook

Here at Bang the Book, we are always looking for the best sportsbooks on the internet to promote for you, the bettor. Today, we are taking a look at one of our newest partners, BetIslands Sportsbook!

BetIslands is one of the newer sportsbooks out there for US bettors, as it has only been around since 2004. However, this is a website that has never had any problems to its structure, save for its on-again, off-again problems with its website. Now, BetIslands is under new management and has partnered with Jazz Sports, and there are definitely no further issues.

Payouts have never been an issue for BetIslands. Just as there are tons of same day deposit options, there are just as many same day withdrawal options as well, something that you don’t always find at other sportsbooks.

To make matters even better, is offering a 100% deposit bonus on all qualifying deposits up to $500 as long as you use the promo code BTB. Even after that initial deposit, there is a full array of bonus and promotion options out there for you, including slews of free rolls and half point buying options.

There has to be a catch, right? -120 lines? Don’t even think about it. BetIslands has stellar 10 cent lines for all major sports, including on MLB up to -190. You can buy a half point on NFL and college football games as long as the wagers are placed during the week, and as all bettors know, that half point could be the difference between winning and losing bets.

The bottom line regarding BetIslands is that this is a sportsbook you just have to have. We are glad to have aboard in the Bang the Book family, and we are sure that you are going to love them as well. Be sure to Click Here to sign up for an account at BetIslands and cash in on your 100% deposit bonus today!

Adam Markowitz

is a staff writer living in the Orlando area. He has covered NFL, MLB, college football, CFL, AFL, NBA, college basketball, NASCAR, golf, tennis, and the NHL for a number of various outlets in his career, and he has been published by a number of different media outlets, including the Orlando Sentinel and the Wall Street Journal.