Basketball Odds: Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors Pick 4/12/12

Thursday night’s TNT NBA betting double dip continues tonight with a big time clash in the Western Conference between the Dallas Mavericks and the Golden State Warriors.

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Basketball Odds: Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors Pick 4/12/12The Mavericks have to be really, really careful here over the course of the last few games of the season. They are in the No. 6 hole right now in the Western Conference playoffs, but they only have a game and a half of an advantage right now on the Utah Jazz, who are ranked ninth in the league and two on the Phoenix Suns in the No. 10 hole. The team only has two wins over the course of the last five clashes, and the only win of any real note in that stretch is the one against the Memphis Grizzlies on April 4th. The starting five for this team is still sharp though, and the combo of Shawn Marion, Dirk Nowitzki, Brendan Haywood, Delonte West, and Jason Kidd should be good enough to not just get into the playoffs, but to compete in the Western Conference and for another league title again. Nowitzki has had two iffy games in a row, scoring just a total of 32 points with 16 boards, and he has to really step it up to get this team into the second season.

Bet on MLB at BetOnlineBasketball Odds: Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors Pick 4/12/12Golden State is still playing without Stephen Curry and Andrew Bogut, neither of which we expect to see back this season. That being said, the Warriors have slipped and slid all the way out of the conversation in the Western Conference. They have to be glad to be back at home, though. A 118-110 loss last night to the Portland Trail Blazers marked the two loss in a row for this team, and it was also the sixth time in seven games that the team was on the road. The play this year for the Warriors at Oracle Arena hasn’t been all that fantastic, but at 12-16, at least the team has been remotely competitive here. Klay Thompson is averaging 11.1 points per game this year, and he has really done all of this work since Monta Ellis has been traded. Thompson had 12 points against the Blazers, marking the fifth straight game in which he has scored at least a dozen points. It was also the ninth time in 11 games that he made it to the 12-point mark. He is going to have to have a big game against a Dallas team that really doesn’t have a man that can match up with him if the Warriors are going to pull off the upset.

The Final Word: In the end, we think that the Warriors are going to at least be able to get at least a cover in this one. Take Thompson and Golden State to get the job done and stick inside of the half dozen point spread.

Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors Pick: Golden State Warriors +6

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