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  • NOVEMBER 27TH, 2012

    College Football Betting Strategies: Big Games Not Big Bets

    The college football season is nearing its end and with the end of the season comes the most anticipated games of the season. The week 14 schedule includes championship games from the major conferences to include the SEC, ACC, and Big Ten. These games have always drawn a lot of attention. They get noticed from the public as the games to be on and many nov.....

  • NOVEMBER 6TH, 2012

    College Football Betting Strategies Week 11: Bowl Run and Bad Coaches

    The college football season is winding down and unlike other professional sports there is no playoff system, well at least not yet. Without a playoff system the college football teams that want to play longer have to hope for a bowl bid. In order to get into a bowl game a team must become bowl eligible by getting a certain amount of wins. The bowl run goe.....

  • SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2012

    NFL Betting Strategies Week 3

    This year the NFL has been unpredictable. There are surprise teams and upsets as well as power house teams staking their claim to the championship. With that being said it is important to utilize betting strategies every week in hopes of identifying the recent trends that will point out a big winner in the NFL from week to week. That is why every week we .....

  • SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2012

    NFL Betting Strategy Week 2: Don’t believe the hype

    The first week of the NFL was very exciting as plenty of story lines captivated the football audience, and that type of hype can spill over to the nfl betting odds. For that reason alone it is not important to buy into the hype. One of the biggest stories of week one was Robert Griffin III rolling into the big easy and upsetting the New Orleans Saints as .....

  • SEPTEMBER 12TH, 2012

    College Football Betting Strategy For Week 3: Watching Odds and Injuries

    The biggest game of the week in college football was going to be the game between the Arkansas Razorbacks and the Alabama Crimson Tide. However after last week that game could change dramatically. In a stunning upset the Razorbacks were defeated by Louisiana-Monroe in a monumental upset that dropped the Hogs from the polls. The team plummeted from the No......