Bookmaker Sportsbook Presents 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest

Bookmaker Sportsbook has always been one of the best sportsbooks for American gamblers to be able to get in on the sports betting action. This year though, one of the industry leaders has stepped it up in a big time way, offering a whopping $50,000 in prizes in its NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest!
Bookmaker Sportsbook Presents 2012 NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest

“The March Madness Bracket Contest You Can’t Lose,” is how Bookmaker is dubbing this contest, and we absolutely have to agree. At absolute worst, all players who enter the contest are going to end up with at least 50 bet points, which can later be used when amassed to do free online sports betting. There are prizes that range from those 50 bet points all the way up to the grand prize of $10,000.

Beyond just the first place winner, is award the second prize $000 in case, while third place will get $2,500.

So how do you enter? You must open up a new betting account with Bookmaker Sportsbook between now and March 15th. For every $300 that you deposit, you earn yourself a free entry into the contest. You do not have to bet with the funds immediately, but you do need to be classified as an “active player.” That means that you have to wager at least $300 worth of bets before March 18th, the end of the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament. If you choose to not meet the requirements, you can still win, but you will only get 10% of the cash prizes.

Whereas $300 will earn you a single entry, depositing $3,000 will earn you a whopping 10 entries. So remember, the more that you deposit, the more chances that you have of earning the grand prize!

The grading process is quite simple. There is a progressive point system in place that awards each game that you pick correctly, all the way from the first round of the dance, all the way to when the winning team cuts down the nets in New Orleans in three weeks. Once your picks are submitted though, you cannot change your entries, so make sure that you have everything just the way that you want it! The brackets will all be graded at the end of each round of the NCAA Tournament, and the winner will be declared when the final game is over on April 2nd.

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