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The college football season is coming to a close, but there is still one episode left of the world famous College Football Podcast from Bang the There are just a few bowl games left on the schedule, but they are some of the biggest games of the season to include the BCS Championship between the Florida State Seminoles and the Auburn Tigers. These are the games that receive the most wagering action and therefore have very sharp betting lines. With that in mind, it is time for the serious college football handicappers to do their homework if they want to win big to end the college football season on a winning note.

There is no better place to start than the College Football Podcast from Bang the The show is hosted by Adam Burke who is at the controls providing great info and guiding the listeners through another great episode. Adam is joined, as always, by Bang the resident college football handicapper Kyle Hunter. These two football aficionados know the game inside and out and serve up great knowledge on the remaining bowl games that will equip serious handicappers with the latest and greatest information to win big during the final week of bowl season.

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This pair of pigskin prophets begins the show by taking a quick look at the Sugar Bowl and the game between Oklahoma and Alabama. Adam offers up a team total that should not be overlooked as Kyle takes a quick look at the total. This is just the beginning as they cover every bowl game left on the schedule with six previews.

This includes the Cotton Bowl between Oklahoma State and Missouri, the Orange Bowl between Clemson and Ohio State, and of course the big BCS Championship game to wrap up the season.

In the Cotton Bowl, Adam brings out a coaching advantage that could make the difference in the game. This combination with one team getting healthy and Kyle adding in some positive trends will point to the winner of this big bowl game. To get the coaching advantage and the winner of the Cotton Bowl listen to the podcast now!

This final college football podcast of the year covers every angle that you will need to know to win big in the last few bowl games of the year.  Kyle even discusses players that are considering going to the National Football League and how that can affect the mindsets of the players heading into a bowl game.

Kyle had a huge easy winner with his free pick on UCF in the last podcast, and offers up plenty of winners in this great show! If you have never listened to the podcast, now is the time to tune in. This is the best college football podcast on the internet and has all of the information that you need to win money betting on college football bowl games and to Bang the Book!

Also stay tuned to the end of the show as they have a very special announcement that you cannot miss!

Cole Ryan

Cole Ryan

Cole started off as a part time handicapper and a full time computer programmer. After developing a computer program that consistently provided winners in NFL, NBA, MLB, and college sports Cole went into full time handicapping. The computer program and his knack for winners made him a rising star in the handicapping world. His complex computer program based on algorithms and analytical calculations have led to a 60% ATS rate.