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  • MARCH 6TH, 2013

    Bovada NBA Parlay Series

    Bovada offers its customers the premiere place for sports betting action that includes all major leagues, as well as tournaments and events in North America. They also have a prosperous and lively poker community, along with a loaded Vegas-style casino! Continuing a tradition of excellence service and promotions to their customer base, Bovada is back with an.....

  • DECEMBER 28TH, 2012

    NFL Week 17 Consensus: Heavy Betting in Last Week

    Unfortunately we have come to another end of a great NFL season. As we enter week 17 of the season there could be an increase in football wagering as people get one last full day of betting football in before the season comes to a close. With that in mind, now is the time to take the most time to handicap the games correctly in hopes of finding a good wag.....

  • DECEMBER 7TH, 2012

    NFL Week 14 Consensus Report: Fading the Public

    Late in the season the public has already made their mind up of what teams are good and what teams are not. They show what teams they like by betting on them early and often in the week. In Week 14 the public is already picking what team they think deserves the money. As most handicappers know, the time to fade the public is every week as it is famously k.....

  • NOVEMBER 29TH, 2012

    College Football Consensus: Tracking the Championship Games

    This week a lot will be decided as teams are playing for conference championship games. From the SEC Championship battle between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs to the Big 12 battle between Texas and Kansas State, a lot is on the line. The Big 12 game is not even a championship game as the conference does not even have a championship gam.....

  • NOVEMBER 23RD, 2012

    College Football Consensus: Rivalry Number Watch

    College Football Week 13 is loaded with great rivalry games. These games put teams on the field that just don’t like each other. The assumption is that this type of game will yield a close result so underdogs may be primed to pull off an upset, and the consensus reports show a few good spots for the upcoming week. In the battle of the golden boot in Ark.....

  • NOVEMBER 16TH, 2012

    College Football Consensus: Week 12

    College Football Consensus: Double-Digits Dominate Each week before picking winner son the college football schedule, the consensus report should be used as a vital tool. This tool will not only allow for public betting trends but it can reveal money movement and even forecast line moves. If used properly it can save a football bettor time and more im.....