Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets Pick and Preview 11/19/08

NBA Betting Preview
Dallas Mavericks at Houston Rockets
Wednesday, 8:05 pm Eastern – ESPN

SBG Global Opening Line: Rockets   - 5 , Total 186


The Houston Rockets are hoping all of their star players are in the lineup on Wednesday as they host the Dallas Mavericks.  Just a day after Houston guard Tracy McGrady said he might be out for a while, he was back at practice. “Right now, tomorrow is not ruled out,” McGrady said about Wednesdays’ game against Dallas, “I have to talk to coach and the trainers, maybe even monitor my minutes more. I could play. We just have to come out with some sort of solution. I don’t want to be out there looking the way I am right now. Me, coach, the trainers have to come up with some sort of solution.”  McGrady is questionable for Wednesday but the news regarding Yao Ming and Ron Artest was encouraging. “I got treatment so I will be able to play tomorrow,” Artest said. “I’m ready to play.”  Yao had a similar response about playing on Wednesday. “I’m fine, so fine,” Yao said, “The x-ray told me I have no problem. I feel much better this morning.”
SBG Global reports that early NBA betting has the public taking Rockets at Home.


Dallas had to play last night in Charlotte so they could come into this matchup a little road weary. Here are the NBA betting stats for Wednesday’s game. The Mavericks are 4-1 ATS in their last 5 Wednesday games. The Mavericks are 40-19-1 ATS in their last 60 vs. the Southwest. The Mavericks are 2-6-1 ATS in their last 9 games playing on no rest. The Mavericks are 1-5 ATS in their last 6 games overall. The Mavericks are 5-1 ATS in the last 6 meetings in Houston. The underdog is 4-0 ATS in the last 4 meetings between the two teams and the road team is 4-0 ATS in the last 4 meetings


The Rockets are 5-2-1 ATS in their last 8 Wednesday games. The Rockets are 2-5 ATS in their last 7 home games.


SBG Global Current Line: Rockets   - 5 , Total 186


The Over is 5-1 in the Mavericks last 6 overall. The Under is 4-1 in the Mavericks last 5 vs. the Southwest. The Over is 5-2 in the Mavericks last 7 Wednesday games. The Under is 7-0 in the Rockets last 7 Wednesday games. The Under is 13-3 in the Rockets last 16 home games. The Under is 8-3-1 in the last 12 meetings in Houston between the two teams.


Pick: Rockets 3 out of 5 units


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I have been a reader of the Daily News going back to when it was the Greensheet. It is one of two papers I read everyday (unlike a certain someone who claims with pride that he does not read a newspaper – our president). I considered the Daily News to be a conservative newspaper. Now, I am pleased to read that the editorial staff does not approve of the recent inclusion of a Senate bill that will allow drilling in ANWR. That the Daily News supports a shift from reliance on oil to alternative sources of energy is sign of foresight, respect for the environment and an understanding of the link between oil dependence and terrorism. Add the decision to endorse John Kerry for president, and I am heartened by this direction.

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