Football Betting Strategies: Texas A&M a Fade in Week One

The college football season is about to begin and handicappers are scouring the early schedule to try and find the winning angles to make money betting on football.

Every week during the football season at Bang the Book we will cover a betting angle and release a pick that will lead to profits on the football season.
In week one it is more difficult than any other week because the unknown is something that handicappers have to get over. With so many college football teams it is nearly impossible to do the research for every team and it is very easy to use the previous results from a year ago to gauge bets in week one.

This is a big mistake in college football because there is such a big turnover from one year to another. One strategy to employ during the football season is to do your research. A handicapper should not bet on any game that they have not researched.

If research was completed in week one, it would reveal that the Texas A&M Aggies are starting redshirt freshman Johnny Manziel. This kid is going to be good, but not right away. He has to completely understand the offense and deal with a good defense in week one.

This may not be a surprise to many football fans because the Aggies are a very popular team and they just joined the SEC. However in week one they are playing the LA Tech Bulldogs, a team that is rarely researched.

This could be the reason that the Aggies were installed as 7.5 point favorites although the Bulldogs are a very good football team. The Bulldogs have an explosive offense and a tough front line on defense which is known for pressuring quarterbacks.

The first betting strategy is a simple one, do your research. If you did your research for this game you would have known that the Aggies are in trouble in the first game of the season.

Play on LA Tech +7.5