Heisman Trophy Odds Update (as of 9/30/10)

Heisman Trophy Update (as of 9/30/10)

Here at Bang the Book, we are beginning our update for the Heisman Trophy odds on a weekly basis. Here is our first look through four weeks of play at some of the favorites as well as the odds to win the 2010 Heisman Trophy that can be found below…

Mark Ingram, Alabama Crimson Tide: Just two weeks ago, Ingram was off the board for Heisman Trophy odds. Now, he is the runaway favorite yet again. Rushing in the SEC is never easy, but last year, it was a cinch for Ingram. His carries are still being split with RB Trent Richardson and at times, RB Eddie Lacy, but that doesn’t mean that the reigning Heisman Trophy winner isn’t still getting all of his touches. Ingram is averaging over 150 yards per game since his return, and if he keeps up at this pace and the Tide end up playing in the SEC Championship Game, he’ll once again end up right around the 1,500 yard mark for the year. Ingram rumbled for 157 yards and two TDs against the Arkansas Razorbacks last week.

Denard Robinson, Michigan Wolverines: There’s no doubt that Robinson is putting his numbers up against the lousy competitors on the Wolverines’ schedule, but we want to see what he can do starting in two weeks when the Michigan State Spartans come to town. Talk to us in two months and let’s see if he can put up these types of numbers against the Spartans, Hawkeyes, Nittany Lions, Badgers, and Buckeyes. Robinson didn’t last very long in the romp of the Bowling Green Falcons last week, though he did account for 60 yards through the air and 129 and two scores on the ground. The fact that QB Tate Forcier went 12-for-12 might come back to bite Robinson in the backside though, as he could find himself on the bench if he slips up at any point.

Terrelle Pryor, Ohio State Buckeyes: It makes the most sense for Pryor to be a favorite amongst the three top Heisman Trophy contenders due to the fact that he is probably going to be putting up the best numbers on one of the best teams in the land. Granted, we know that Pryor torched the Eastern Michigan Eagles last week, but any time you can go 20-for-26 for 224 yards with four scores and then rush the ball for another 104 yards and a tuddy in major college football, you’re doing something impressive. Pryor will still ultimately end up staying on this list forever and has no competition behind him, unlike Ingram and Robinson.

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Kellen Moore, Boise State Broncos: Moore had his one, and potentially only shot of proving that he was capable of being a Heisman Trophy winner last week against the Oregon State Beavers. Moore’s numbers were good, but they weren’t fantastic. He went 19-of-27 for 288 yards with three TDs and no turnovers, which would have looked a lot more impressive had the Broncos beaten the NCAA football odds on the day. Instead, they couldn’t quite shake the Beavs at any point. Unless Moore’s numbers start to look absolutely head and shoulders above everyone else’s in the country, he’ll be no more than the fourth or fifth choice almost all season long and he won’t be a finalist come December.

Andrew Luck, Stanford Cardinal: Luck was a bit of a dark horse for this award at the start of the season, but with one dominating performance next week against the Oregon Ducks, he can make himself a favorite for the first time this year. Luck got a tad lucky last weekend, as his Cardinal looked great in a 37-14 win over the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. His numbers were lousy though, as 19-of-32 for 238 yards with a TD and two INTs just isn’t going to cut it on a regular basis. If Stanford keeps winning though, Luck is going to stay in the mix, especially if these two INT games are limited to just here and there.

Ryan Mallett, Arkansas Razorbacks: At least as of right now, we aren’t so sure why Mallett is considered the sixth choice on the Heisman Trophy board. He might have thrown for 357 yards and a TD, but three INTs against the Alabama Crimson Tide defense was just too many to overcome. In the end, it’s not like the Razorbacks really proved that they didn’t belong on the same field as the Tide. They just couldn’t come up with the big drives when need be. That’s all on Mallett’s lap with all of the turnovers. It’s a long climb from here to become even a finalist.

Odds to Win 2010 Heisman Trophy at BetMania (as of 9/30/10)
Mark Ingram +200
Denard Robinson +375
Terrelle Pryor +500
Kellen Moore +750
Andrew Luck +1000
Ryan Mallett +1000
Cam Newton +1400
Landry Jones +1800
LaMichael James +2300
John Clay +2800
Taylor Martinez +3500
DeMarco Murray +6000
Jerrod Johnson +6000
Trent Richardson +6000
Noel Devine +8000
Shane Vereen +8500
Jacory Harris +11500
Christian Ponder +17500
Garrett Gilbert +17500

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