Indianapolis Colts vs. New England Patriots Free Pick and Preview

Indianapolis Colts
(6-3, 5-3-1 ATS)

New England Patriots
(7-2, 5-3-1 ATS)

Brady. Manning. It doesn’t get much better than this for a Sunday afternoon in November. The New England Patriots will look to add to the woes of the Indianapolis Colts in NFL betting action from Foxboro in Week 11.

He’s “The Sheriff,” and yes, he is the only reason that the Colts are still even a remotely relevant team in the NFL. QB Peyton Manning should absolutely be the NFL’s MVP this year due to the fact that he is finding a way to win with anyone that HC Jim Caldwell throws out there with him. Manning has thrown for 2,663 yards and 16 TDs against just four INTs. The only constant this year has been WR Reggie Wayne, who is the only other skill position player to start all nine games for Indy this year. Wayne has caught 63 passes for 758 yards and three scores. The man that is really coming on is TE Jacob Tamme, who is becoming a fantasy football player’s dream. Tamme has caught 24 passes for 245 yards and two scores in just three games as the primary target for Manning in the slot. WR Pierre Garcon could be a factor in this one as well, as he is starting his sixth straight game for Indy. This defense has been murdered by some teams, but we have to remember in games like the one against the Houston Texans, the argument could be made that this was the side of the ball that really won the game.

The Pats have been a bit bipolar this year, as you never really know what you’re going to get. Just in the last two weeks, we’ve seen New England get romped by the Cleveland Browns, then turn around and take care of the Pittsburgh Steelers without any incident. Though this is a 7-2 team that is sharing the best record in the NFL going into our Week 11 free picks, we know that this isn’t a team that is super special at this point. QB Tom Brady is keeping this offense together without any real skill position stars. However, he is still putting up MVP types of numbers, as he has thrown for 2,176 yards and 17 TDs against four picks on the year. Keep a close eye on this defense all day long, though. New England has really struggled on this side of the ball, and at times it has been both the run and the pass that has hurt it. We know that two weeks ago, RB Peyton Hillis rumbled for a career high in rushing yards, while last week, WR Mike Wallace and QB Ben Roethlisberger were going to town on the Pats.

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We’re tired of hearing that the Colts are falling apart. As long as No. 18 is standing and still remembers the whole playbook, he isn’t going to be beaten all that often. Putting the fact that we are getting four points and Peyton Manning in the same sentence just seems ludicrous, especially considering the fact that most of the world is on the New England bandwagon now. Don’t be fooled, though. Manning and his band of blue and white clad men might make you look awfully foolish.

NFL Free Pick: Indianapolis Colts +4

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