Is Bookmaking Legal?

You may have heard of bookmaking and or it may be a new term to you. Bookmaking in laymen’s terms is a form of gambling. In some parts of the world bookkeeping is legal and other parts it is completely illegal. Some forms of bookmaking may be legal when dealing with area like the NFL and Football area of betting.

A lot of bookmakers can actually be found at races but that is dwindling down as time marches on.  People are commonly ripped off through the betting form of bookmaking. Someone can place a bet, lose, and then not follow through with the money that they owe. This can be frustrating to some people who make a living as a bookmaker. This is another reason why bookmaking has been made illegal in some areas.

There are a vast majority of bookmakers who make their living through the World Wide Web. There are tons of Sportsbooks and Casinos that are found through the internet. Customers can go online and bet whenever they want and use as much money as they want.

Most people have to be at least 18 before they can start betting but some start even younger. Also there is no noted fairness in the gambling of online currency. No one is guaranteed their money and no one is guaranteed to when while using a bookmaking website.

While betting online is a very popular form of bookmaking, there are other ways to collect funds. These funds include being able to call over the phone to make a bet. There is an even newer form of betting and that is through text messaging. Bookmakers are able to make a living through such an ordeal and in some parts of the world, it is not even considered illegal.

While there are laws that allow bookmaking to occur, there is no guarantee for a better to get their money back. You could quickly get scammed and not receive the money you put forth. Use caution when betting for or against certain teams or online. Consult a professional bookmaker when necessary to get the best information possible.


The Buffalo News (Buffalo, NY) November 19, 1995 | DONALD D. GROFF – Knight-Ridder A rude awakening could be in store for thousands of frequent-flier club members nationwide who got certificates a year or so ago entitling them to a free domestic round-trip ticket in exchange for 20,000 miles. website delta frequent flyer

Many traded in mileage for certificates because the airlines were about to raise the threshold for a free trip to 25,000 miles. Most big U.S. airlines adopted the new award level early this year.

But for fliers who haven’t taken their free flights yet, many of those one-year certificates will expire between now and February, and club members who try to book a quick trip with them may well find that there’s a “sorry, full” sign on flights on the busiest routes. Each flight has only a limited number of seats allotted for award travel.

“For anybody who has procrastinated and wants to go to a popular destination on a popular day, it’s going to be very tough,” said Dan Brock of USAir’s Frequent Traveler program.

Brock said passengers should be flexible in trying to use their certificates — fly midweek and consider cities other than the hottest travel destinations. go to site delta frequent flyer

Certificate-holders who can’t get a flight that suits them have some options, but they must act before the certificate expiration date — or see their 20,000 miles vanish.

Some airlines will let you book a ticket good up to a year in advance with the certificate, effectively extending the certificate’s value and also increasing the chance that you can book your preferred time and destination.

Another option with some airlines is to reinstate, for a fee — $40 in the case of USAir and American Airlines — the certificate mileage back into your program account, though there may be restrictions.

To get details of the frequent-flier programs contact: USAir Frequent Traveler, (800) 872-4738; American AAdvantage, (800) 882-8880; Continental OnePass, (800) 621-7467; United Mileage Plus, (800) 421-4655; Delta Frequent Flyer, (800) 323-2323; Northwest WorldPerks, (800) 447-3757, and TWA Frequent Flight Bonus, (800) 325-4815.

DONALD D. GROFF – Knight-Ridder

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