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  • JUNE 20TH, 2012

    MLB National League Futures Update

    MLB National League Futures Update The 2012 MLB regular season has been filled with more than its share of early surprises as a few preseason favorites find themselves battling just to stay in their division race, while a few longshots find themselves in the front of the pack. The following is an update of the future odds for the National league in t.....

  • APRIL 4TH, 2012

    MLB 2012 Division Betting Previews- The National League West

    MLB 2012 Division Betting Previews- The National League West When you look at the 2012 future odds for the five teams in the NL West, it appears that it will once again be a two-team race between San Francisco and Arizona for the division title, but do not tell that to the Rockies or Dodgers. In reality, the West remains fairly wide-open as there is no cl.....

  • MARCH 15TH, 2012

    MLB 2012 Division Betting Previews- The American League Central

    MLB 2012 Division Betting Previews- The American League Central The Detroit Tigers ran away with the AL Central last season with Cleveland coming in second; a distant 15 games back. The Tigers decided to set their sights on winning a World Series this season through a couple of high-profile acquisitions, so sorry to say for the fans of the other four team.....

  • AUGUST 19TH, 2011

    MLB Futures Betting Update – Aug 18

    The 2011 Major League regular season enters the home stretch with about 40 games to go in the 162-game schedule. We already have a pretty good idea of most of the teams that will make it into the postseason, but there are a few division races that could still come down to the wire. The following is a look at Bodog.Eu’s updated odds for the World Series .....

  • JULY 11TH, 2011

    MLB Second Half Futures Update

    Major League Baseball’s’ All-Star break is this week as all 30 teams get a chance to rest up before grinding through the ‘dog days’ of summer. Looking at the standings, there are around eight teams in each league, or a little over half that can still legitimately entertain thoughts of winning this year’s World Series. Out of those 16 teams, there a.....

  • MAY 9TH, 2011

    MLB – Futures Update

    Close to 25 percent of this year’s Major League Baseball season is in the books as teams approach the 40-game mark this week. While a couple of perennial favorites such as New York in the American League and Philadelphia in the National League are once again at the top of their division, there are a couple of surprise teams in control of their division as .....