Monday Night Football Prop Sheet: Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia Eagles

Monday Night Football Prop Sheet: Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia EaglesThe Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles are going to duke it out on Monday Night Football in the City of Brotherly Love on Monday Night, and here at Bang the Book, we’re going to take our picks for some of the MNF props on the board for one of the biggest games of the weekend!

Michael Vick Under 21.5 Completions: The passing game for the Eagles has clearly taken a backseat in recent weeks to the running abilities of RB LeSean McCoy. In fact, for a team that traditionally spends the majority of its time tossing the pigskin all over the field, McCoy has touched the ball over 60 times in the last two games. That being said, we just don’t know if the Bears’ defense is really going to be able to force Vick to throw the football all that much. Getting to 22 completions in a game in which you are favored to win by more than a touchdown is difficult, especially for a team that has a back that has to get his touches. We expect to see Vick say in the teens in this one in completions.

Matt Forte Over 4.5 Receptions: This is an awfully low number for a man who leads the Bears in receiving. It’s going to be difficult for QB Jay Cutler to challenge these Philadelphia defensive backs down the field, as they are clearly as good as it gets in the league. Just ask QB Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys just how hard it is to make headway against Philly. That being said, the linebackers just aren’t good enough to hang with Forte out of the backfield. We expect to see plenty of looks deep, but check downs short to Forte in this one for Cutler, as he will try his best to make sure that he doesn’t screw up yet again in primetime, something that has become a staple in his career.

Matt Forte Over 94.5 Rushing Yards: Want your “Wow!” stat of the day? The Eagles are allowing 180 yards per game on the ground this year. That’s one of the worst marks in the league, and it is a stat that just isn’t improving as the weeks go on. Forte is a workhorse just like McCoy is, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see him touch the rock 30 times in this game, and maybe even more if the Bears are ahead. This team just can’t afford to abandon the run on MNF, or it will get trampled, so expect to see Forte get his yards on the ground even if the team is losing.

Defensive Or Special Teams Touchdown Scored (+150): Just look at the names that are involved in the return game in this one. DeSean Jackson. Devin Hester. What more do we need to say than that? On top of that, these three corners for the Eagles are all capable of picking a ball off and returning it to the house, especially against a quarterback like Cutler who has a history of making the costly mistake in the second halves of games. It’s not like the Eagles are indestructible either, as they have made their share of mistakes this season on both sides of the ball. We have to imagine that someone is finding pay dirt over the course of this game that isn’t playing offense.

Aaron Ryan

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