The Money Down: August 11

The “Money Down”, or third down, is when teams have to succeed. Third down is huge, just like information is huge for all NFL bettors. Leading up to the start of the regular season I will be scouring the internet for information on the National Football League and delivering it in a daily article right here at  The information will include tidbits from around the league on the latest happenings that should help football fanatics pick a winner on a week-to-week basis. The information will include everything from injuries, quotes from coaches and players and even picks. Stop by on a daily basis and get your daily dose of football!

New York Jets: Wildcat for Vick?

The Jets are going to have to deal with quarterback questions until the regular season starts or Rex Ryan decides to stop baiting the media with great story lines.  Rex Ryan didn’t rule out the possibility of deploying Michael Vick as a change-of-pace quarterback — assuming Geno Smith is the starter, that is. Things are complicated enough in New York but bringing in Vick in a wildcat package will bring back nightmares of Tim Tebow. This soap opera is far from over, stay tuned.

New Orleans Saints: Brees Injury Watch

The Saints are one of the best teams in the league, but that will change if Drew Brees can’t suit up for the team.  Brees suffered a strained oblique but has thrown hard passes in practice. Head coach Sean Payton is playing it safe with Brees.

“No update,” Saints coach Sean Payton said Sunday. “I really mean it, we’ll go day-to-day. He’s making progress, and yet I just want to make sure that it’s something we don’t hurry back. Same way with Kenny (quad strain), we’ll just be smart day-to-day.”

This is something to watch as a strained oblique is a big injury for signal callers in the National Football League.

On  another note: Rookie wide receiver Brandin Cooks has looked great thus far.

It’s Official: The Flags are Flying If you think the referees were not serious about calling more penalties this preseason, then guess again. In the first 17 preseason games, there were 53 defensive holdings, 27 illegal contacts and 15 pass interference calls. That’s almost six pass-defense penalties a game. This has the potential to change the way that the game is played, and bet on. Manziel Mania Overlooks Other Young QB’s Johnny Manziel got all of the hype (of course) for the first week of the preseason, but other young guns deserve some praise too. Blake Bortles of the Jacksonville Jaguars had the same throwing numbers as Manziel — 7-for-11 — but he got the ball downfield better, gaining 117 yards in the air. However the real test will be when Bortles faces pressure.

Dallas Cowboys: Little “D”

The Cowboys had one of the worst defenses in the league last year and it looks like things have not gotten any better.

The San Diego Chargers completed 14 of 16 passes for 243 yards, a ridiculous 15.2 yards per attempt. The first incompletion for the Chargers was two plays into the fourth quarter. Yikes! Dallas Cowboys: Big “D” is for distraction If you think the Cowboys defense was disturbing to watch, you have not seen Jerry Jones in these compromising photos.

Jones is denying just about everything.

Green Bay Packers: Pick on Peppers

The Packers signed Julius Peppers in the offseason to bolster a defense that allowed 26.8 points per game last season. In his first outing Peppers did not impress.

Maybe he is just pacing himself?

One thing for sure is that there is cause for concern in Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers will have to carry the load again this season if this defense does not figure things oout real soon.

Stat Time:

From 1983 to 2005 the Super Bowl winner each year was a team that had a top 10 scoring defense. That changed in 2006 and why? The NFL put a point of emphasis on limiting contact by defensive backs. This is something to consider when making a future wager on the Super Bowl this season.

Cole Ryan

Cole Ryan

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