The Money Down: August 18

The term “Money Down” in football is another name for third down. This is the down that needs to be converted if teams want to succeed. For those that like to bet on football, information is the Money Down. The right information can make the difference in winning or losing.

Leading up to the start of the regular season I will deliver a daily article appropriately titled “The Money Down”. It will include everything from injuries, stats, trends and the latest happenings around the league.

NFL Preseason Officiating: Delay Of Lame

The officiating for NFL preseason games in week two was awful. Flags were flying seemingly on every snap and the game seemed to go in slow motion.

#NFL Flags: There was a total of 32 penalties for 295 ydsin the Titans-Saints game and 21 penalties for 169 yards in the Eagles-Pats game.

— Cole Ryan (@ColeRyan9) August 17, 2014

Have you noticed the change? In 2013’s first 22 Preseason contests, three games had over 15 penalties enforced, one with 16, one with 17, and one with 18. In 2014, there have been 14 of 22 games with more than 15 penalties enforced, two with 16, two with 18, three with 19, two with 21, two with 23, one with 24, one with 25, and one with 32. Thirty-two flags on penalties enforced. That’s not even flags thrown but declined or offset. Hopefully the NFL used week two as training grounds for their officials and will slow it down in the upcoming weeks.

St. Louis Rams Injury Im“pead”ing Progress

The Rams have high expectations for the upcoming season, but got some bad news this weekend when running back Isiah Pead was carted off the field.

The news was not good.

Unfortunately the Rams were a team that has fallen victim to the preseason injury plague and they are not alone.

Atlanta Falcons Injury: Blackhawk Down

Last year Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan ran for his life behind a depleted and untalented offensive line. The Falcons spent the offseason attempting to rebuild the line to give their signal caller better protections. Unfortunately for the Falcons the line has already suffered a difficult blow in the preseason.

With Sam Baker out for the season, the Falcons will have to rely on young talent to fill the gaps.

Rookie Jake Mathews will be tested early and often and it all starts in week one. His development could be the difference between a good or bad season for the dirty birds.

Monday Night Football: Browns and Redskins Play Nice

When betting on the preseason it is important to do your research and figure out how long the starters will be playing. On Monday night when the Cleveland Browns play the Washington Redskins there will be some serious hype leading up to kickoff. RG3 and Johnny Manziel will steal the headlines and many football bettors may lay a few bucks on this prime time affair with story lines a plenty.

But be careful, just because it may seem like a big game for these teams, it is still the preseason. The coaches seem like they are going to play nice.

It’s rare when coaches get together to discuss playing time for their starting units.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden even went as far as saying they are looking forward to week three against Baltimore.

Here are two questions from his press conference.
On if the preseason schedule is affecting game planning for the third preseason game:

“Yeah, that’s a great question. It’s something we’ve talked about a lot a far as should we play everybody in the second preseason game and the rest of people for the third because it’s a short week? But, we decided to treat the second game like a second preseason game and the third preseason game, the one that we’re going to really prepare for and treat it like a game week and have the meetings in the morning and then practice and get them acclimated to what it’s going to be like during the season. Unfortunately it just kind of fit Monday, Saturday but at least we still have a couple good days we can prepare for Baltimore. But moving forward for preseason game two, we’ll treat it like second preseason game – get the starters just a few more reps than they did last week and then get ready for Baltimore for preseason [game] three.”

On if there is game planning involved for the second preseason game:

“There’s a little bit, not as much there would be for three.”

This may be a big game for the fans, but it may not be a big game for either team. Keep this in mind before betting on a preseason game just because of the hype.

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Cole Ryan

Cole Ryan

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