NBA Betting Tips: Week of April 4th

At Bang the on a weekly basis we examine the NBA and expose some thought-provoking betting angles that can benefit the handicapper. We will scan the upcoming schedule and look for teams that are in good (or in some cases) bad situations that could and should prompt a bet for or against these teams. Any handicapper that makes money betting on basketball knows that research is the key to picking winners on a regular basis. We realize that time is not always easy to find so we do the work for you and find the best angles to bet on in this upcoming week.

This week the betting angle will focus on teams that are catching fire at the right time and looking to make a move in the standings that will affect them in the playoffs.

NBA Betting Angle: Wager on hot NBA teams that need to win to make the playoffs.

Eastern Conference

In the Eastern Conference standings, the New York Knicks are the team that is making some noise. They recently took over the eighth spot which is the last slot that will be eligible for the playoffs. They are tied with the Atlanta Hawks, so it is important that they keep winning if they want to hold on to that spot. Unlike the Hawks, the Knicks are hot and have won three straight games. The Knicks also have some high profile games coming up. Play on the Knicks against the Miami Heat on Sunday.

The Hawks on the other hand are slumping and have just won 3 of the last ten games. Because of that the Hawks are a fade this week, especially on Sunday when they go up against the Indiana Pacers who also need to win. Play against the Hawks against the Pacers.

Western Conference

In the Western Conference there are three teams vying for two spots as the Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks and the Phoenix Suns are fighting to be one of the teams that will make the post season. The hottest team of the bunch is the Suns who have won seven of the last ten games, but the Mavericks are the team to watch. They have a n easier schedule with upcoming games against the Sacramento Kings and the Utah Jazz. Play on the Mavericks in both games against the Jazz and the Kings. The Grizzlies are just coming off a road trip and have a big game on Sunday against the San Antonio Spurs, which means they will be looking past the Denver Nuggets on Friday night, who are a team they recently beat. Play against the Grizzlies on Friday night against the Nuggets.

With only a handful of games left in the NBA regular season make sure to take a look at the standings before betting on any teams

Cole Ryan

Cole Ryan

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