NBA Sports Betting Preview: Denver Nuggets at Charlotte Bobcats

Carmelo Anthony and the Denver take their show on the road when they face off against the Charlotte Bobcats. Diamond Sportsbook International (DSI) has the latest NBA sports betting odds and great wagering opportunities for basketball.

This could be the last season in Denver for Carmelo Anthony but he seems to be making the most of it. The Nuggets are off to a fast start on the season and barley trail the Utah Jazz for the first place in the Northwest division. They still have home dominance and are a lock for the NBA post season. Despite the great outlook for the Nuggets, the chance of Anthony playing for the Nuggets next year is slim.

Anthony is almost assured to leave the Nuggets after turning down an extension from the club. It is speculated that he craves the same type of attention and money that LeBron James got in the off-season. Some of the locations that Anthony may play at next year are Chicago and New York.

The Charlotte Bobcats are a young team, but are staring to put pieces together that could bring this team to the playoffs. They still are below .500 on the season and they do not have a winning record at home, but they play very tough at home.

Stephen Jackson leads this team in scoring and is the main reason the Bobcats survived the nets in overtime on Friday night. The problem for the Bobcats is although he is a scorer he has a reputation for being a trouble maker and has already been suspended once this season for berating officials. He sent a letter to fans apologizing for his ejection and ensuing one-game suspension for verbally abusing a referee. The gesture was nice but is still proof that Jackson is still a volatile player.

The Nuggets will have to make a long trip to play the game against the Bobcats. The Bobcats have won against other teams that traveled west to include the Houston Rockets and the Phoenix Suns and will be a tough team to beat in this matchup.

The Nuggets and the Bobcats will be an interesting game to tune in to this week. The Bobcats may have what it takes to pull off the upset against the Nuggets on the road.