NBA Weekly Betting Tips Week of March 21st

At Bang the we like to cater to serious handicappers in every sport and that includes basketball betting.  We provide information that comes in handy now and also could be used in the future. This information should be added to the battery of wagering information that can be gathered from our site on a daily basis.

Of all the information that we provide, one of the most useful items is our weekly NBA basketball betting angles. Not only are these angles something to watch in the current week that we reveal them, but they are also great to keep in mind for the rest of the regular season. This week we looked for an angle that will be in play multiple times leading up to the rest of the week.

NBA Betting Angle: Timely Injury Reports 

The NBA is a grind and it begins to wear down even the best players in the league. Some players are just playing out the string and have no inspiration to play at an elite level or through an injury. Other players are gearing up for the playoffs and want to make a championship run with as many healthy players as possible. To take care of both of these types of players it is very important to monitor a timely injury report when betting on basketball.

Injuries are always important, but most handicappers will not look at an injury report after the bet is placed and that could be a huge mistake. A great example of this happened last night in the NBA.

The Miami Heat played the Boston Celtics and they announced that LeBron James would not play in the game. This announcement happened just hours before the game. This shifted the betting line on the game as well as leaving the Miami Heat in a tough spot if the bet on the Heat early. This put those bettors in a tough spot when they sat down to watch the game and realized that James would not be playing. The Heat went on to lose as favorites. A timely injury report could have allowed a savvy handicapper to wager on the Celtics and hedge their bets. At this time of the year this happens more times than you can imagine.

It also happened last night with the New Orleans Hornets as star Anthony Davis did not play in the game due to an illness. This was announced literally minutes before the game. Against the Pelicans lost and the savvy bettor who watched the injury reports could have bet against the Pelicans in this spot. Keep an eye on the injury report and make big money during the weeks leading up to the NBA playoffs.

Cole Ryan

Cole Ryan

Cole started off as a part time handicapper and a full time computer programmer. After developing a computer program that consistently provided winners in NFL, NBA, MLB, and college sports Cole went into full time handicapping. The computer program and his knack for winners made him a rising star in the handicapping world. His complex computer program based on algorithms and analytical calculations have led to a 60% ATS rate.