NFL Betting By the Numbers: Week 2 Numbers Of Note

When you bet on the NFL, you should know all about the numbers. Numbers for stats, numbers for trends, numbers for betting lines, numbers for ‘totals’ – You should know it all. Here at Bang the Book, we are set to talk about the football betting lines for Week 2. Here are the most important numbers that you need to remember for the week!

1: The number of rookie quarterbacks that pulled off a win last week. Of course, the one winner was QB Robert Griffin III, who managed to go on the road and take care of the New Orleans Saints. This week, RG3 and the Skins have a very ironic game on their hands. Their second game of the year is against the team that they traded to get the second pick in the draft to take the second quarterback of the NFL Draft. And now, Griffin gets to take a look at what he could have had if the Rams would have taken the Baylor product instead of dealing the pick to Washington.
NFL Betting By the Numbers: Week 2 Numbers Of Note
5.1: The number representing the quarterback rating for QB Brandon Weeden last week in his first career game for the Cleveland Browns. Yes, it was a disastrous week for the rookie out of Oklahoma State, as he completed just 11 passes, averaged less than four yards per pass attempt, and was picked off four times without throwing a touchdown. It was one of the worst quarterback ratings in a game in the history of the NFL, and it simply just didn’t get much worse. Sadly for the Philadelphia Eagles, they still should have lost that game in the Dawg Pound.

7: The number that just seems to be the magic number of the week. There are four teams (Cincinnati Bengals, Houston Texans, San Francisco 49ers, and New York Giants) that are favored by one of the most key numbers that the sport has to offer. In all four of these cases, the team that is favored figures to be the significantly better team. After all, all four of these clubs were playoff squads last year, and three of the four that they are playing against weren’t anywhere near the second season (the exception being the Detroit Lions). It seems like almost a lock that at least one of these four will go down this week. The question just seems to be which one of the four.

12: The number of kickers that made at least three field goals in Week 1. Considering the fact that there were two weeks last year in which there were either one or two kickers that made at least three field goals, this is a truly remarkable number. There were just a slew of ‘over’ games last week, and we can only imagine how many more points could have gotten on the board had the kickers been kept on the sidelines and had teams finished punching drives into the end zone once they got into scoring range.

13.5: The number representing the biggest point spread of the week. Of course, that distinction goes to the New England Patriots, who are laying 13.5 to the Arizona Cardinals. The reason this spread is so high? Well, aside from the fact that one of these teams is clearly superior to the other, the Cards are going to be stuck with just QB Kevin Kolb to take snaps, as the team’s starting QB John Skelton is out with an ankle injury. The last time these two teams played, the Redbirds had all of their feathers blown off on a blustery day in Foxboro, as the Pats took a 47-7 game. The good news for Arizona is that the weather will be better now than it was back in December 2008. The bad news is that the outcome might not be any better.

14: The number of starting quarterbacks in Week 1 that didn’t throw an interception in their first game of the year. Considering the fact that there was so much attention put on the seven quarterbacks that were picked off at least three times, this is a truly remarkable stat. Last year, there were only two quarterbacks (Aaron Rodgers and Alex Smith) that started at least 14 games last year that had single digits worth of interceptions. Quarterback play was clearly very, very good in the first week of 2012, and that’s odd considering the fact that offenses are usually behind defenses at the start of a campaign.

38.5: The number representing the lowest ‘total’ of the weekend between the Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals. The Battle of Ohio is a pretty fierce rivalry, but the games just really don’t mean all that much between these two just perennially finish at the bottom of the AFC North. These two offenses looked inept in Week 1, and both could be amongst the worst offenses in the game. Want more proof as to how bad the Cleveland offense was last week… you need to go up a few paragraphs for that…

49.4: The number of points per game that were scored in Week 1 of the season. That’s an insanely high number of points to see in the average NFL game when all 32 teams were playing. The lowest scoring game saw 26 points, and there were a couple games that had at least 70 points. That’s why the ‘totals’ have come up just a tad this week, and it might be interesting to see if these numbers are going to keep creeping up as the season wears on.

50.5: The number representing the highest ‘total’ of the week. This is where the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears went off the board, and it is where the New Orleans Saints and Carolina Panthers currently sit. These two teams showed absolutely nothing defensively last week, and both offenses know that they can put points on the board in gobs. The Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons are also featured at 50.5 for Monday Night Football, and both of these teams have also had great offensive efforts in Week 1. Watch out for QB Matt Ryan and QB Peyton Manning, and they both have the ability to put 300 yards and 30+ points up.

52: The number of total yards that the San Diego Chargers and Tennessee Titans combined for on the ground last week. San Diego was lucky enough to get the win, but Tennessee wasn’t so fortunate. The Chargers are hoping to get RB Ryan Mathews back in the fold after he sat out in Week 1, and that would really help out the team’s cause for sure. For the Titans though, there has to be a real concern that this is another game where RB Chris Johnson was just atrocious, and he has to wonder whether he is going to hold down his starting job for all that much longer.

77: The number of total points that the Buffalo Bills have beaten the Kansas City Chiefs over the course of the last five times that these two teams have hit the field. Buffalo put up 41 last year when these two teams met, and the squad has now covered five in a row against KC. Buffalo proved last week that it can score and score a bunch, but it also proved that it can get torched by an offense that scored just one touchdown in the whole regular season.

111.2: The number that represents QB Tony Romo’s quarterback rating in three career regular season games against the Seattle Seahawks. When you think of Romo playing with his Dallas Cowboys against the Hawks, you immediately have to think of that field goal attempt that Romo botched at the end of the game in the playoffs several years ago. Of course, what is forgotten is that Dallas has won three in a row SU in this series and has gone 5-1 ATS in the last six against the Seahawks. This could be another game where the Cowboys dominate the boys from the upper Northwest, though it is the first trip to Seattle since that infamous 21-20 game in January 2007.

121.3: The number of passing yards per game that the Jacksonville Jaguars have averaged in their last three games against the Houston Texans. The defending AFC South champs haven’t always historically had the best secondary in the world, which is making this all the more notable. QB Blaine Gabbert did look alright against the Minnesota Vikings last week, but he is going to be in for a significantly bigger test this week against the Texans.

617: The number of yards that the New Orleans Saints racked up last year when they played the Carolina Panthers at the Superdome. Okay, so this week’s game is going to be played on the road and not at home, but that definitely shows what New Orleans is capable of doing to these Panthers. QB Drew Brees threw for 389 yards and five TDs that day, and after last week, losing to a rookie quarterback in RG3, we wouldn’t be all that shocked to see the man that salvaged football in the Bayou put up a remarkable game in this first NFC South tussle of the year.

1999: The number representing the last time that a defending Super Bowl champion lost its first game of the next season… before last week when the New York Giants were clocked by the Dallas Cowboys. Now, the G-Men are facing the possibility of being an 0-2 team with both games being at home. QB Eli Manning knows that he has a lot of work to do to improve from last week’s loss, but at least he gets to see a team that he has beaten seemingly a zillion times before this week in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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