NFL Betting Strategies Week 10: Finding False Favorites

Every week of the NFL season a new betting strategy is revealed showing handicappers new ways to approach betting on football. These strategies may not be constant and some are good for one week, but the big picture is that they want to make money. In week 10 of the NFL season one betting strategy stands out from the rest and that strategy is finding false favorites.

Quite often in the NFL teams are overexposed by the media this could be due to a big performance or a big victory (or defeat) but these kind of options always will inflate the line or betting odds and often create false favorites.

The Chicago Bears are one of those teams in Week 10. After a dominating performance over the Tennessee Titans, the Bears are everyone’s new sweetheart pick to win the Super bowl. That over exposure has made this team a false favorite in week 10.

The Bears are one point favorites over the Houston Texans who are also Super bowl favorites. The Texans have lost only one game on the season and are a better-rounded team than the Bears yet due to the recent exposure they are underdogs to the over-hyped Bears, and thus false favorites.

The Bears are not the only false favorite on the schedule for week 10. The Colts are three point favorites over the Jaguars on Thursday night. Andrew Luck looks good, but the Colts do not deserve to be road favorites over any team in the NFL.

The Eagles are home underdogs to the Cowboys? This may be the most puzzling line of the week. The Eagles are not impressive, but the Cowboys are just as bad and they are on the road. There is no guarantee these false favorites will lose in week 10, but a handicapper should think twice before laying the points.