NFL Betting Trends – Peyton Manning Derby Odds

NFL Betting Trends-Peyton Manning Derby Odds

Today’s press conference in Indianapolis officially announcing the parting-of-the-way between Peyton Manning and the team he has been quarterbacking for  well over a decade, the Indianapolis Colts. This announcement ended months of speculation about his future with the team and has set-off a firestorm of speculation about where he will play next season, marking the official start of the first ever Peyton Manning Derby.

Odds for where Manning will throw his first pass for the 2012 regular season have already been set for 10 different teams. There are also odds for the field (+350), which would include the 22 other teams in the league as well as odds that he does not throw a pass next season in the NFL (+1200). Peyton has made it very clear that he fully intends to continue his career and has already been medically cleared by his doctors, so do not waste your money on wagering that he will decide to retire. For the Latest Odds checkout BetDSI!

The Favorite

The front-runner in the Peyton Manning Derby is the Miami Dolphins at +200. It is highly doubtful that Manning will make any pre-canned announcement about taking his talents to South Beach, but the Dolphins remain the best fit of any of the teams on this list. They are a team that is a couple of players away from becoming a legitimate contender, most notably at the quarterback position. Miami’s defense was ranked 15th in the NFL overall and sixth in points allowed. New Head Coach Joe Philbin’s offensive background with Green Bay sets-up as a perfect fit for two pass-oriented minds. The Dolphins would probably even be willing to sign Reggie Wayne to help seal the deal if the Colts decide to part ways with one of Manning’s favorite targets.

The Contender

The Kansas City Chiefs decided to put its ‘franchise tag’ on wide receiver Dwayne Bowe this past week, so why wouldn’t they consider adding someone that could maximize the $9.4 million they are going to have to pay Bowe under the terms of the one-year deal. New Head Coach Romeo Crennel has already publically acknowledged that he would “have to be crazy” to not consider acquiring Manning. The Chiefs have been opened at +550 favorites in the Derby and are another team that is probably a couple of players away from making a serious run at a world title. Their current signal caller, Matt Cassel, has been adequate in his three seasons in Kansas City, but has not shown he has what it takes to win a Super Bowl. Obviously Manning has. As added food for thought, Peyton may like the idea of following in Joe Montana’s footsteps as another future ‘Hall of Famer’ ending his long and illustrious career in K.C.

The Longshot

Playing in the Great Northwest keeps the Seattle out of the limelight most of the time, but Pete Carroll and Co. may be getting ready to jump into it big time by making a major play to bring Manning to the Seahawks for the 2012 season. The problem is the Seahawks may not be that high on Manning’s preferred list of teams, which tends to sap a bit of value out of their +800 odds to win this Derby. However, if the money is right and Carroll is ready and willing to turn the keys to the offense completely over to No.18, the deal might become attractive enough. Another problem is the fact that Seattle is more than a few players away from contending for a title, but if Manning is added to the active roster, you would be amazed at the number of other free agents that would suddenly add the Seahawks to their desired list of teams.

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