NFL Consensus: A look at the Week 8 Public Betting Trends

Road Teams Dominating the Betting Window

NFL Consensus: A look at the Week 8 Public Betting TrendsThe NFL consensus report is different every week, but it is consistent in the fact that popular teams will always get the majority of the public action. The New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, and Dallas Cowboys are very popular teams that get heavy action in nearly every week.

The consensus report for week 8 shows us something that does not happen every week. Plenty of road teams are getting public action.

For many teams this week, like the Atlanta Falcons, it is no surprise that they are getting money thrown at them. After all the Falcons are undefeated and play on the road against an Eagles team that has been inconsistent all season long. The Falcons are getting roughly 60 percent of the action, although there is a small line on this game. It helps that the Falcons are underdogs.

Another road team getting action is the San Diego Chargers who play against the Cleveland Browns. This one is surprising because the Chargers are off a monumental collapse against the Broncos, but the Browns will almost never get public betting money.

The Browns may not be winning football games but they deserve to get more than just 25 percent of the public betting money.

Robert Griffin III is a very popular player as he has exploded on to the 2012 NFL scene as a rookie ad that is influencing the sports betting. The Washington Redskins play against a very tough Pittsburgh Steelers team in a very hostile environment but they are still getting over 65 percent of the public monies.

Finally in the Sunday Night and Monday Night games both the New Orleans Saints (at 67 percent) and the San Francisco 49ers at over 70 percent are getting the public action. If the public is wrong in Week 8 like they are in most weeks, the home teams may have a very good week.

Cole Ryan

Cole Ryan

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