NFL Consensus Week 3 Pick

The NFL season is starting to take shape and as a handicapper it is important to gather information as the season progresses. The more information that a handicapper has the better they become at picking winners. One of the tools that is a must have for any serious handicapper is the consensus report showing what teams the public are betting on. If used properly a handicapper can use it to gauge action and uncover winners.

For example last week using the NFL consensus report would have indicated that the New England Patriots were the most popular team being bet on by the betting public. It may not have indicated a monumental upset was on the way, but it should have put up a warning flag before a bettor dropped the two touchdowns with the Pats.

This week that distinction goes to the San Francisco 49ers who are currently getting 79 percent of the action over the Minnesota Vikings. Although the Vikings may not have the firepower to pull off the upset over the 49ers, I would think twice before dropping the seven points in this contest. For this week I want to look at another game.

Teams in the NFL often get betting action often get action because of what they did a year ago, but not this year. The Detroit Lions are still viewed as a very good team although they are struggling this year. They lost to the 49ers and barely won against the Rams.

However the public is betting like this is the team from a year ago. When the NFL line opened with the Lions (-3) over the Titans the public came running. The Lions are getting 78 percent of the action although they are playing on the road out of conference. This is a soft spot for the Lions and the perfect chance to take the points and the Tennessee Titans.

Cole Ryan

Cole Ryan

Cole started off as a part time handicapper and a full time computer programmer. After developing a computer program that consistently provided winners in NFL, NBA, MLB, and college sports Cole went into full time handicapping. The computer program and his knack for winners made him a rising star in the handicapping world. His complex computer program based on algorithms and analytical calculations have led to a 60% ATS rate.