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  • NOVEMBER 3RD, 2012

    NFL Consensus Report: Finding Winners in Week 9

    The NFL Consensus report is a helpful tool that every football handicapper should use when looking for winners on the NFL schedule. The schedule for week 9 is no exception. The handicapper should look at all of the games on the schedule and compare the consensus report. The smartest football bettors do not want to bet on the same side of the public and th.....

  • OCTOBER 27TH, 2012

    NFL Consensus: A look at the Week 8 Public Betting Trends

    Road Teams Dominating the Betting Window The NFL consensus report is different every week, but it is consistent in the fact that popular teams will always get the majority of the public action. The New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers, and Dallas Cowboys are very popular teams that get heavy action in nearly every week. The consensus report for week.....

  • OCTOBER 13TH, 2012

    NFL Consensus Report Week 6 Pick

    NFL Consensus: Finding Winners with Percentages The NFL Consensus report is always a valuable handicapping tool and it reveals a few teams in Week 6 that are worth a wager. The key to using the consensus report is to go against the public. The perception in football betting is that teams do not win if the public is betting on them. So nowadays with in.....

  • SEPTEMBER 26TH, 2012

    NFL Consensus Report Week 4: Established Teams

    The NFL is having one of its most exciting seasons to dates. Controversial plays, replacement referees and surprise teams headline a season that has been full of unexpected twists and turns. One thing that has been consistent is the consensus report. Since week 1 a quick-look at the public betting percentages has provided an open window to who the public is .....

  • SEPTEMBER 19TH, 2012

    NFL Consensus Week 3 Pick

    The NFL season is starting to take shape and as a handicapper it is important to gather information as the season progresses. The more information that a handicapper has the better they become at picking winners. One of the tools that is a must have for any serious handicapper is the consensus report showing what teams the public are betting on. If used prop.....

  • SEPTEMBER 8TH, 2012

    NFL Consensus Report Week One Picks to Wager On

    The NFL football season has finally arrived. There is no sport which attracts more betting action than the NFL. With that in mind, using the NFL consensus report to bet on football games and find winners in the 2012 season is vital. This is one tool you do not want to overlook when trying to pick winner in the NFL. Every week at bangthebook we will go .....