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  • AUGUST 11TH, 2011

    News & Notes from the NFL- August 11

    Thursday night marks the official start of the NFL preseason with five games on the slate including a possible Super Bowl preview when Baltimore takes on the Eagles in Philadelphia. It remains to be seen how much more time the starters may see in this first round of games given all the preparation time that was lost this offseason due to the prolonged player.....

  • JULY 16TH, 2011

    News and Notes from the NFL- July 16th

    The ongoing labor negotiations between the NFL owners and the Players Association to try and hammer out a new CBA (collective bargaining agreement) continue to move along at a snail’s pace, which is starting to get the natives restless. Some heavy hitters such as Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees have publically gone on record as saying “it is ti.....

  • JULY 1ST, 2011

    News and Notes from the NFL – July 1st

    The buzz coming out of the NFL these past few days is that while both sides of the current labor dispute continue to meet on a regular basis, there is no news on when (or if) an agreement between the league’s owners and their players will actually be reached. All signs remain positive that the two sides will be able to come together on a new collective bar.....

  • JUNE 24TH, 2011

    News and Notes from the NFL – June 24

    While nothing concrete has been decided, both the NFL owners and players offered a glimmer of hope that a deal on a new collective bargaining agreement between the two sides can reach reached within the next few weeks. Both sides finally appear to have the necessary sense of urgency to get this whole mess resolved. If they can iron out a deal by mid-July, th.....