NFL Odds: Early look at Odds for Week 6

With Week 5 in the books for the NFL it’s time to take a look at the opening lines for Week 6. As a sports bettor there is often value found in the early line so looking at the numbers as soon as they are released is important to making money in betting football.

Here are a few early lines that provide value for the upcoming week in the NFL.

The Thursday night game is very interesting as the Pittsburgh Steelers travel to Tennessee to take on the Titans. The Thursday night NFL game has been dominated by the home team as they are winning with ease to include an upset win by the Rams last week. That is interesting because the Steelers opened as a six point favorite, so for this week the home team will be another underdog.

The Seattle Seahawks are another surprise team on the year and they are off an impressive road win. Now they will host Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. The line opened with the Patriots as a four point favorite on the road. The Seahawks will have a great home field advantage but this line will most likely go up as the Patriots are a popular road favorite team to bet on in the NFL.

Finally the San Diego Chargers host the Denver Broncos on Monday night football. The Chargers opened up as three point home favorite and that is the oddsmakers way of saying that this divisional rivalry is basically a tossup.

Peyton Manning has made the Broncos a contender this year for the AFC West and a dark-horse candidate to win the Super bowl, but they are coming off a difficult loss to the New England Patriots. The Chargers loss to the Saints, but they will have the benefit of playing at home in what should be a great game.

The opening odds are very important and should always be looked at by a football bettor looking to make money by taking advantage of value in the betting line.


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Thursday October 11, 2012

101 Pittsburgh Steelers –4.5 (43.5)

102 Tennessee Titans +4.5

Sunday October 14, 2012

209 Cincinnati Bengals –3 (45.5)

210 Cleveland Browns +3

211 Indianapolis Colts +2

212 New York Jets –2

213 Kansas City Chiefs +3

214 Tampa Bay Buccaneers –3

215 Oakland Raiders +7.5 (48.5)

216 Atlanta Falcons –7.5

217 Dallas Cowboys +4.5 (43.5)

218 Baltimore Ravens –4.5

219 Detroit Lions +5 (48.5)

220 Philadelphia Eagles –5

221 St. Louis Rams +2.5 (38.5)

222 Miami Dolphins –2.5

223 New England Patriots –3 (46)

224 Seattle Seahawks +3

225 Buffalo Bills +3.5 (44)

226 Arizona Cardinals –3.5

227 Minnesota Vikings +1.5

228 Washington Redskins –1.5

229 New York Giants +3 (45.5)

230 San Francisco 49ers –3

231 Green Bay Packers +2.5 (47)

232 Houston Texans –2.5

Monday October 15, 2012

233 Denver Broncos +3 (50.5)

234 San Diego Chargers –3