NFL Picks: 2010 Odds to Win NFL MVP (as of 10/7/10)

MVP Update (as of 10/7/10)

Ready to see how the best MVP candidates in the NFL are doing? Check out our new, weekly odds analysis of the 2010 MVP odds for the best players in the NFL!

Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers: Rodgers was the only man to toss three TD passes in the NFL last week, which is a bit of a surprise considering the fact that he went just 12-of-17 for 181 yards and tossed a pair of INTs. The Packers were dominated at times against the Detroit Lions last week, but when push came to shove, getting three TD passes all in the first half was just barely enough to hang on against a hungry pack of Lions. Rodgers is still the overwhelming favorite to win the league MVP honors, though we aren’t so certain that that should be the case.

Peyton Manning, Indianapolis Colts: Don’t blame Manning for the Colts loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday. Manning is leading the NFL’s second best offense at 29.2 points per game this year, and his squad has the second best passing attack as well at 335.5 yards per game. Last week, he threw for 352 yards and two TDs on 33-of-46 passing, which are numbers that are eerily similar to those he put up against the Houston Texans in a Week 1 defeat. Manning is hooking up with all of his receivers all over the place, including last week 15 times with WR Reggie Wayne. If Indy rights the ship, Manning will be the favorite to win the MVP Award.

Chris Johnson, Tennessee Titans: Suddenly Johnson has had a pair of bad games, and there really does seem to be a direct correlation between his good games and Titans victories. In two games in which Johnson went over 100 yards this year, Tennessee is 2-0 SU and ATS. In two that he didn’t, it is 0-2 SU and ATS. The former ECU Pirate has his work cut out for him to put this team on his back, but if he successfully figures it out in the final three quarters of the season, he can be a real MVP threat.

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Adrian Peterson, Minnesota Vikings: Peterson might have just gotten a heck of a lot scarier to try to defend with the Vikes picking up WR Randy Moss. No, having Moss out there won’t directly give Peterson more holes to run through, but opposing safeties are going to be thinking twice before they start to inch closer into the box to try to stop the run. It’s only going to take one great play action pass from QB Brett Favre to Moss to loosen up the run game against the rest of the NFL. This was the perfect power play for Minnesota on its bye week, and it might actually make Peterson a better MVP candidate.

Tom Brady, New England Patriots: Maybe Patrick Chung should be an MVP candidate to watch after last week when he blocked a kick, blocked a punt, and returned an interception for a touchdown, eh? All of that work on special teams and defense really kept Brady from needing to do much against the Miami Dolphins, but more importantly, his Pats won. Quite often, the MVP is given out to the best player on the best team, and that’s exactly what Brady might be if New England keeps winning.

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints: The stubbornness of HC Sean Peyton to try to keep running the football last week nearly cost the New Orleans Saints what would’ve been a very catastrophic defeat at the hands of the Carolina Panthers. Brees was chucking darts all over the field and ended the day going 33-of-48 for 275 yards and a TD. However, why would a team with Chris Ivory and Ladell Betts in the backfield really care about running the ball 29 times in a game when you have Brees at quarterback?

Odds to Win 2010 MVP at BetMania (as of 10/7/10)
Aaron Rodgers +200
Adrian Peterson +1000
Alex Smith +5000
Brett Favre +5000
Chris Johnson +800
Drew Brees +1200
Eli Manning +5000
Felix Jones +5000
Joe Flacco +2500
Mark Sanchez +2000
Matt Ryan +5000
Matt Schaub +2000
Michael Turner +5000
Peyton Manning +500
Philip Rivers +3000
Randy Moss +5000
Ray Rice +3000
Tom Brady +1000
Tony Romo +2500
Field +150

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