NFL Prop Picks – Super Bowl 48 Exotic Props

Bet at 5dimesIt’s Super Bowl time, and that means that there are a number of props on the board the likes of which you won’t be seeing at any other point for any other game on the face of the earth. Join us as we break down some of the exotic Super Bowl props which we think you can benefit making money off of for the big game on Super Sunday.

Archie Manning Shown on TV Over 1 Time (-140) – It seems to be a slam dunk to get at least one shot of Papa Manning sitting in his luxury box alongside brother Eli in this game. Go back and watch any of the Super Bowls in the past involving either Eli or Peyton, and you can bet that the whole Manning family will get at least those few seconds of face time at the end of the game, win or lose. Plus, if Peyton does anything special along the way, there is a great chance to see Archie fist pumping in the luxury box as well after an instant replay, especially with the way that FOX tends to do these broadcasts. There are always a lot of looks at fathers, brothers, girlfriends, wives, and any other sort of relatives to the players on the field after they make a big time play, and we have to think that at least once, and probably at least twice, we’ll get a glimpse of Archie on Super Sunday.

Times “12th Man” is Said During the Game Under 2 (-140) – Going back and watching last week’s NFC Championship Game, Joe Buck only referred to the “12th Man” twice in the entire broadcast of the game from the starting whistle through the end of the game. If he only made that reference twice over the course of a game in Seattle, how in the heck can we expect that he is going to end up doing so three times or more in the Super Bowl in a game played thousands of miles away from the fans that make CenturyLink Field so famous for being tough on the opposition? The fact that two is a push makes this all the more worthwhile to us. There’s a chance that we do end up with the push in the end, but we think there is a lot better chance of only hearing “12th man” once than there is three or more times.

Announcers To Refer To Russell Wilson Being Drafted into MLB (+150) – Again, this is Joe Buck we’re talking about. He loves putting up those graphics referring to the fact that players do other things in their lives in the sports world aside from play football, and we think this is a great opportunity for him to make mention of the fact that he was drafted by the Colorado Rockies at some point over the course of this broadcast, likely in the first quarter of the game. The fact that we would only need this to happen in basically two out of five games with Wilson involved, we think that Buck is going to make the most of this and at least allude to it once, especially if he makes one of those “gunslinger” type throws that he might have made on the diamond at some point.

Richard Sherman To Be Interviewed By Erin Andrews On Field During FOX Broadcast (+170) – Isn’t this what the world wants to see again? Of course, this is going to require the Seahawks winning the game, but we have to think that at some point during the celebration if Seattle is to ultimately win this one, FOX is going to have Andrews doing that interview instead of Pam Oliver. The ratings would just be through the roof to try to get a glimpse of that sound bite this time around, and we have to think that Sherman is going to happy to seek out the girl that he helped make famous once again last week with his crazy post-game rant on WR Michael Crabtree following the NFC Championship Game. It’s just a prop bet that makes a heck of a lot of sense. If Seattle wins, Sherman gets interviewed by Andrews. If Denver wins, it obviously won’t happen. It’s a +170 moneyline bet on the Seahawks as we see it, and it makes all the sense in the world, whether you really like Seattle in this game or not, to take this bet.

No Snow During Super Bowl 48 (-300) – Just listen to the weather forecast and do your own math in this one. You would need it to not snow during a 3.5-hour block on a day where there is only a 30 percent chance of snow according to the weather forecast. Remember, it’s not that there is snow on the field. It has to actually be precipitating during the game for this prop to be considered a winner. This is also one of those sharp type of bets which the big guns in Vegas take advantage of for a few hundred bucks. People want to see it snow, and the oddsmakers know this, so they have shaded this prop a bit more than they probably should have. We would feel a lot better laying -200 or so, but even up to -400, we still think that this is the right play a week leading up to the big game.

Renee Fleming National Anthem Under 2:25 – Each and every year, the oddsmakers keep putting up higher and higher numbers on the National Anthem time, and each and every year, they tend to get burned by doing so. Artists have been super careful about the Star Spangled Banner ever since that gaffe for Christina Aguilera a few seasons ago when she butchered the anthem in every sense imaginable. We can’t imagine that Fleming is going to take a song that should legitimately take 1:40 or so to sing and add 45 seconds to it.

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