NFL Week 8 Odds: Scouting Early Lines With Value

NFL Week 7 is just about to wrap up and it is never too early to look at the lines for the NFL games they minute that they are released. The bye weeks are still in affect and there are several teams that will be on a bye in week 8 to include Buffalo, Cincinnati, Baltimore, and Houston.

However there are still plenty of games too choose from.

BetOnlineThe New England Patriots hit the road to take on the young and up and coming St. Louis Rams. It is no surprise to see that the Patriots are favored but after the lackluster win over the New York Jets, it would only make sense that the lines would begin to drop. The current line is Patriots -7 and that line is sure to drop with the way the Patriots have been outscored in the second half this season. It will be interesting to see if the betting public keeps the popular Patriots at a full seven points.

The Jets are slight home favorites of just one point when they host the Miami Dolphins in week 8. The Jets have not looked great this season, but since they are at hoe they will play the role of favorite. This number could easily change with the way the Miami Dolphins are playing. Add in the fact that the Dolphins are coming off a bye and this could become a very entertaining game to watch.

In an NFC East rematch the Dallas Cowboys will host the New York Giants. The Cowboys beat the Giants in the opening game of the season and are currently listed as just one point favorites. This could change as the defending Super Bowl champions always attract bettors leading up to kickoff.

These are just a few of the opening odds for the upcoming week, getting on these games early is often the best way to go. For more NFL ODDs Click Here