NFL’s Top ATS Money Makers since 2009

NFL Betting Trends- Top ATS Records since 2009

One of the best ways to make money wagering on the NFL is to latch onto a team that gets hot winning against the spread and ride them until they begin to fade on a regular basis. This strategy can provide an incredible return on investment, but just like a stock, you have to know when to buy and when to sell.

Given how teams constantly turnover in the NFL, going from good to bad or vice versa on a season-to-season basis, the trick is to find a team that is hovering well below the Oddsmakers’ radar screen, but is ready to burst onto scene with a breakout year. The following is a look at the top team’s records against the spread over the past three seasons.

2009 Regular Season

The NFL team with the best record ATS in 2009 was the Green Bay Packers at 11-4-1. This goes against the grain a bit considering they went 11-5 straight-up as the spread usually evens itself out over the course of the year for teams that consistently win. The Packers went 5-2-1 ATS at home and 6-2 ATS on the road which closely mirrored their records SU.

The team with the next-best record ATS was the Atlanta Falcons at 11-5 as compared to a 9-7 SU record on the year. The Falcons went 6-2 both SU and ATS at home, but were 3-5 SU and 5-3 ATS on the road.

San Francisco and Cleveland to a greater extent were prime examples of teams to ride in light of low expectations on the field. The 49ers went 8-8 SU but a profitable 10-4-2 ATS. The Browns finished 5-11 SU but were 10-6 ATS.

2010 Regular Season

The top team ATS in 2012 was the Detroit Lions at 12-4. This was the first season in quite some time that the Lions were competitive in almost every game they played and it paid off with six SU wins against 10 losses. This is a prime example of riding a team that is ‘under’ the radar.

The Falcons were once again a financial boon with an 11-5 record ATS verse a 13-3 record SU. Atlanta was expected to be good, but not that good, so they did take some teams by surprise. St. Louis was another over-achiever that provided a solid return with a 7-9 SU record that helped produce a 10-6 ATS record in return.

New England just bulled its way to a 10-5-1 ATS record to go along with a 14-2 SU record on the year. Sometimes you can find a team that is just so dominant; it continues to cover spreads no matter how wide. Pittsburgh also fell into this category in 2010 with a SU record of 12-4 to go along with a 10-6 record ATS.

2011 Regular Season

The 49ers jumped out to a fast start and kept grinding away all season long with a 13-3 SU record and a 12-3-1 record ATS. Anyone who hitched their wagon to that star had one heck of a ride.

New Orleans quietly went about its way to compile a 13-3 record SU and a profitable 12-4 record ATS. Everyone expected the Saints to be good but they exceeded expectations on the scoreboard to cover the majority of their spreads.

The Houston Texans raced to the head of the pack in the AFC South in light of the demise of Indianapolis and made the most of their stay with a 10-6 SU record and 9-5-2 record ATS. Things would have undoubtedly been better if quarterback Matt Schaub would have stayed healthy for the entire season.

Seattle deserves a mention with a 7-9 SU record to go along with a 9-6-1 record ATS. During one stretch of last year’s season, the Seahawks went 7-5 SU and 9-2-1 ATS. This is the kind of ride you love to go on, but trick remains in finding the ticket.



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