NHL Puck-Line Power Poll as of 11/19/13

Anyone can easily look up who the best teams are in terms of wins and losses in the NHL, but the really successful NHL betting fans are the ones who analyze every aspect of the game. Today, we’re going to look at the puck-lines for the hottest and the coldest teams in the NHL through games completed on 11/19/13.

Who’s Hot

1: Tampa Bay Lightning (14-6, +$1,145) – About the only bad news this year out of Tampa Bay is that the team isn’t going to be able to replace the injured C Steven Stamkos, who broke his leg on Veterans Day. The team has a new goalie in G Ben Bishop though, and he leads the league with 13 victories. The oddsmakers are still trying to figure out whether Tampa Bay is legit or not, and the end result is a lot of games in which it is a short favorite or a slight underdog. Those are the games where you really make your money on the puck line, and the Bolts aren’t disappointing.

2: Colorado Avalanche (12-7, +$1,053) – The Avalanche have dropped three games in a row both SU and against the puck line, and that has taken them out of the top spot in the power poll. That said, this is a team that has covered in each of its last four victories, and those are some big payoffs when push comes to shove. We aren’t sure that Colorado is going to keep this up this year, as we still don’t believe that this is a playoff team in spite of its hot start, but while the Avs are playing well, we would be foolish to not consider backing them, especially in situations where they are +1.5 like they will be in each of the next three games against the Blackhawks, Coyotes, and Kings.

SportsBook3: Winnipeg Jets (14-9, +$727) – Winnipeg is the only team ranked in the Top 12 in the league in terms of puck line profits which is being outscored by its foes this year. The Jets are doing plenty of their damage as underdogs at +1.5, and the fact that they have five straight games decided by a single goal helps out a ton. They haven’t lost a game at +1.5 since beating beaten by the Blackhawks back on November 6th, and that came as a +245 SU underdog, which isn’t a big deal when it comes to the puck line either. The Jets are a lot better than you’d think, and though the move to the Central Division this year is going to be brutal, they can still cover a lot of games and keep outings close.

4: Boston Bruins (10-10, +$717) – The theme here with the Bruins seems to be simple. If you can catch them while they’re hot, you have to continue riding with them until they start to turn the other way. On the first sign of trouble, head for the hills. Boston has been hot of late, scoring wins in five out of six games and covering four of the six. Some of the wins, such as a 4-1 victory over the Hurricanes on Tobacco Road on Monday night were crucial for picking up big time profits. The B’s were -154 favorites on the moneyline and were even bigger underdogs than that on the puck line. That’s why this team, which is favored virtually every single night, can be amongst the best puck line teams in the game in spite of its 10-10 record.

5: San Jose Sharks (11-10, +$659) – Here we have another case of a team which doesn’t even have a winning record on the puck line by all that much of a margin, yet it has one of the best five puck line numbers in the league. San Jose, much like Boston, is favored all the time, especially at home, and it has been those games played at the Shark Tank which have made the big difference this year. The Sharks are 5-1-2 this season when playing at home, and all but one of those SU victories have resulted in puck line wins at home as well. The team hasn’t won a game at home since October 19th though, and that’s thanks to the fact that 10 of the last 13 and 12 of the last 16 have come on the road.

Who’s Not

30: Nashville Predators (7-13, -$1,775) – Nashville has a respectable 9-9-2 SU record this year, but the team has no goaltending whatsoever, and that is destroying the team from a puck line perspective. We’ve lost count of the amount of games which we have seen G Carter Hutton looking like a deer in headlights, allowing four goals in two periods or something of the sorts. Without G Pekka Rinne, this is a team that just has nothing going for it right now, and that’s why Nashville has spent the entire season sitting near the bottom of the NHL power poll. The club lost six straight games on the puck line to start the season, and it has really only gotten worse since.

29: Vancouver Canucks (7-15, -$1,182) – It takes a long time to get from Nashville up to Vancouver, as the Canucks are nearly six units better off this year for puck line bettors than the Preds are. That said, in spite of the fact that Vancouver has 11 SU victories this season, it can’t figure out how to win games by multiple goal margins for the most part. That’s the calling card for Head Coach John Tortorella, and that’s something that is going to take getting used to in Vancouver. The Canucks will once again be a playoff team in the Western Conference, but we aren’t confident they are going to figure out how to dominate on the puck line at any point.

28: Edmonton Oilers (10-12, -$1,159) – This was supposed to be the year where the Oilers turned the corner, but instead, this is proving to be the year of a disaster in Alberta. Edmonton is even worse right now than the Flames are, and that’s saying something considering what a wreck Calgary has turned out to be. Goaltending is the massive problem, as this team routinely takes games which it should only lose by a goal and turn them into games featuring 5-2 final scores or things of the sort, and that’s why the Oilers are in such trouble right now for their puck line bettors.

27: Detroit Red Wings (6-15, -$943) – No team in hockey has fewer puck line wins this year than do the Red Wings, but this is something that is easily explainable. Detroit has already lost 12 games this year, a whopping seven of which have come in either overtime or in shootouts. When you’re getting a point here and a point there, you tend to look a little better to the public than perhaps you actually are, as most think that the Red Wings are simply “unlucky.” It’s causing them to be favored more often than they should be after moving to the Eastern Conference this year, and the end result is a lot of -1.5 losses which should actually be +1.5 wins.

26: Carolina Hurricanes (10-11, -$780) – It’s going to be tough for the Canes to turn profits on a regular basis for puck line bettors this year. The team is an underdog virtually every night, and the opportunity to make big profits just isn’t there because of it. The team has only been favored three times this entire season, and the squad is 1-2 SU and 0-3 against the puck line in those three games. Until that turns around, Carolina is going to be a losing team on the puck line in spite of the fact that it might end up with a winning record in terms of actual games won and lost by the end of the campaign.

Adam Markowitz

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