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The dust has not even settled from the New York Giants thrilling 21-17 victory over the New England Patriots in last Sunday’s Super Bowl and 5Dimes has already released the odds for next season’s Super Bowl XLVII.

Since these odds are completely based upon a team’s form at the end the 2011 season, sprinkled in with a dose of influence from the betting public, it is easy to spot some solid value in the numbers for some longer shots as well as throw a couple of red flags at a couple of favorites’ inflated odds.

The Green Bay Packers were the odds-on-favorite to win the Super Bowl last season after capturing the title in 2010. They did not disappoint in the regular season with just one loss in 15 games, but came completely unglued in the playoffs in a 37-20 loss at home to the Giants. The Packers have once again been opened as the favorites at 6/1 and offer some solid value at those odds. All the key pieces from last year’s 15-win team should be back in place so there is every reason to believe that Green Bay will be right back up at the top of the NFC in 2012.

The second-favorite to win next year’s Super Bowl is New England at 7/1. As long as Bill Belichick is coaching the team and Tom Brady is the quarterback, the Patriots should be successful. As far as them getting back to the Super Bowl is a whole other story. The last team to lose a Super Bowl and even get back to the game the following season was the 1994 Buffalo Bills, who went to three straight title games in the early 90’s. The strain of the loss combined with the pressure to get back has proven to be too much for any team to overcome since then.

The New Orleans Saints are the third-favorite to win Super Bowl XLVII at 17/2. Much like Green Bay, the Saints should still have all the tools to put together another winning season and offer some decent value in their odds. New Orleans should be favored to win their division, but the key for this team in locking-up a No.1 seed as it is a totally different team on the road, especially if it has to play outdoors.

The Pittsburgh Steelers and Houston Texans are next at 12/1. Pittsburgh is a perennial Super Bowl contender especially when they are coming off a down year. Even though they made the playoffs as a wildcard, the highly embarrassing 29-23 loss to Denver will provide the motivation and a healthy Ben Roethlisberger should lead the way.

Houston is an up-and-coming team that could have went much deeper last season if quarterback Matt Schaub would have stayed healthy. The key turnaround for the Texans was a defense that went from being one of the worst in the league to one of the best. Houston will also have the luxury of playing in a suddenly weak division that provides an excellent opportunity to secure one of the top two seeds in the conference.

The next group at 14/1 includes the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles. The Ravens finally broke through in the AFC North by wrestling the title away from Pittsburgh and were painfully close to beating New England in the AFC Championship. The big question for Baltimore is how much gas does key veterans such as Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have left in the tank.

The Eagles were proclaimed the ‘dream team’ in 2011 with a major influx of free-agent talent right before the start of last season. The majority of that talent will remain with the team and under the careful guidance of veteran coach Andy Reid, will have an entire offseason to gel. Of all the teams on this list, Philadelphia offers the best value in its current odds as the team to most likely hoist next season’s Vince Lombardi Trophy.

This year’s champions are still sipping champagne as we speak, but have been tagged with 15/1 odds to repeat. This is for good reason considering the Patriots were the last team to win back-to-back Super Bowls in 2003 and 2004. When you combine a lingering hangover from winning it all, with the pressure of having a bull’s eye on your back for every game you play, it is doubtful that the Giants will be able to buck this trend. With the level of competition just in its division alone, New York may be hard-pressed to even make it back to the playoffs next year.

Superbowl 47 Odds From 5Dimes.Com – Top 5 Online Sportsbook for US customers!

Green Bay Packers      +550
New England Patriots      +725
New Orleans Saints      +750
Houston Texans      +1000
Philadelphia Eagles      +1300
Pittsburgh Steelers      +1300
Baltimore Ravens      +1450
New York Giants      +1500
San Francisco 49ers      +1700
San Diego Chargers      +1900
Dallas Cowboys      +2000
Detroit Lions      +2000
Atlanta Falcons      +2250
New York Jets      +2250
Chicago Bears      +2750
Carolina Panthers      +3500
Kansas City Chiefs      +3500
Miami Dolphins      +3500
Tennessee Titans      +3500
Cincinnati Bengals      +4000
Oakland Raiders      +4400
Minnesota Vikings      +4500
Arizona Cardinals      +4900
Denver Broncos      +5000
Indianapolis Colts      +5000
Seattle Seahawks      +5000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers      +5000
Washington Redskins      +5000
Buffalo Bills      +6000
St Louis Rams      +6000
Cleveland Browns      +6500
Jacksonville Jaguars      +6500

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