Odds to Win the 2013 BCS Championship by Joe D’Amico

We all love College Football. It doesn’t matter if it’s your alma mater or just your favorite mascot. We all love NCAAF. Of the 100 plus board Division 1 College Football teams, let’s face it, only about the Top 10 have a real chance at the National Championship. It comes down to strength of schedule and margin of victory. This isn’t your kids tee-ball team where one coach takes it easy on the other because the kids are cute and everyone gets a trophy. This is war. And believe you me, every inch counts. Below are the official odds to win the National Title:


USC is 3/1. LSU is 7/2. Alabama is 5/1. Oregon and Oklahoma are 7-1. Georgia and Arkansas are 10/1. Florida State is 12/1. Virginia Tech, Texas, Clemson, Michigan, and Notre Dame are 20/1. West Virginia and South Carolina are 25/1. Michigan State, Nebraska and Wisconsin are 30/1. TCU and Boise State are 40/1. Florida and Auburn are 50/1. Tennessee, Oklahoma State, Missouri, Penn State, and Mississippi State are 60/1. Texas A&M, Washington, Arizona State, Iowa, BYU, Baylor, Stanford, Kansas State, Utah, and California are 75/1. Georgia Tech, Louisville, NC State, Virginia, Illinois, Washington State, Cincinnati, Wake Forest, South Florida, and Arizona are 100/1. UCLA and Boston College are 150/1. And the Field is at 50/1.


Guys, that’s the College Football skinny. As I said, barring a miracle, the Top 10 is the Top 10 for a reason. The only way to ensure a fun and money making season is to follow all my releases right here. Thank you and Good Luck. Joe D’Amico.