Odds to win the 2015 NBA Championship: Should Spurs be the Favorite?

The San Antonio Spurs beat the Miami Heat to claim the 2014 NBA Championship. The Spurs made it look easy as they disposed of the Heat in just five games and they won many of the games by double digits. The Spurs got the job done with a mixture of veterans and young players that are emerging into their own. The Twitter world exploded with reaction following the win.
The big focus was on how the Spurs got revenge for losing a year ago in a series that many thought they should have won.

As mentioned, the Spurs dominated the series along the way to the title, but one stat stood out above the rest. This stat pretty much tells the story of how lopsided the series turned out to be.

Experts and fans alike had glowing remarks for this Spurs team and the way they had won their fifth championship. The skill level and the execution was something that had not been seen in a very long time.

With all of this love for the Spurs it should come as no shock that they are one the favorites to win the 2015 NBA Championship. But what did come as a shock is that the odds makers still see the Miami Heat as the ultimate threat to win it all next season.

This was a big change from how the odds looked a year ago, with the Oklahoma City Thunder in the mix.

There are even odds posted on whether or not this Spurs team will stay together or retire.

All eyes on the off season will be on the Spurs and if they stay together and if LeBron James decides to leave Miami. Carmelo Anthony will be a big free agent and by the time the dust settles these odds will surely change. For now, however, the Spurs are the champions of the NBA world and they deserve to be favorites to win it all next year.

Cole Ryan

Cole Ryan

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