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  • NOVEMBER 4TH, 2010

    NBA Recap, News, and Notes as of 11/3/10

    It's another Thursday in the world of NBA betting action, and here at Bang the Book, we're taking advantage of the light day on the slate to look back at the week that was with its highest and lowest moments against the NBA odds. The Heat Is On in Miami: Anyone who thought the Miami Heat were going to go 82-0 this year was promptly dismissed on the openin.....

  • JUNE 15TH, 2009

    Riots over Lakers, SHaq, and the best game 7 ever!

    Last week two major championships were decided making for the end of a great week in sports.  This gave me plenty to rant about and it wasn’t hard to find some quality topics.  I am going to rant about how LA celebrates a title, discuss the best game seven ever and tell you why Shaq will win another ring. The Los Angeles Lakers won another title last ni.....

  • JUNE 4TH, 2009

    Regaw Rants–NBA Final Edition

    Regaw Rants NBA Finals Edition Tonight is game one in the NBA Finals and it just seemed fitting that the rants today be centered on the event. This match up looks decent on paper and it should make for some good basketball, but I am ready to rant. Is Phil the best? It has to be the shoes and bench Jameer are the topics for today’s rants! Sit on it Ja.....