Riots over Lakers, SHaq, and the best game 7 ever!

Last week two major championships were decided making for the end of a great week in sports.  This gave me plenty to rant about and it wasn’t hard to find some quality topics.  I am going to rant about how LA celebrates a title, discuss the best game seven ever and tell you why Shaq will win another ring.

The Los Angeles Lakers won another title last night and they were led by a MVP in Kobe Bryant and the best coach on the planet in Phil Jackson.  So die hard Lakers fans hit the street and did what becomes natural, they rioted.  I don’t get this.  What possess a fan to think the best way to celebrate is to over turn cars, burn things, and finish up with a smash and grab looting spree.  This happens in other cities besides LA but I just see no reason for it and LA seems to lead the league in riots.  Show some class LA and celebrate like a normal city.

Over the weekend the Pittsburgh Penguins did the improbable and beat the Detroit Red Wings at home in game seven to win Lord Stanley’s cup.  I am going to argue that this was the best game seven in the history of hockey.  It was physical with great play by both teams.  Pittsburgh jumped out to a lead and Detroit chipped away at the lead and it all came down to a last second shot on an open net that was only saved by Fleury throwing his body across the ice in Bobby Orr fashion to block the last shot of the game. Even if you did not like you could appreciate this game as it will go down as one of the best ever.

Yesterday during the finals it was announced that talks between Phoneix and Cleveland for Shaq are not dead.  This is big news because the management in Cleveland knows they have to do something drastic to keep Lebron James in a Cleveland uniform and this might just do the trick.  The GM’s from both teams are good friends and they talk often and this deal will be done.  Not only will it be done but Shaq is in the best shape of his life and will win a ring is he goes to Cleveland.  Now if we can just get him off Twitter everyone would be happy.

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May 1, 2002 | Brown, Lauren 1. Which coveted role did Katie turn down before she got on Dawson’s Creek?

a. Felicity Porter on Felicity b. Buffy Summers on Buffy the Vampire Slayer c. Mary Camden on 7th Heaven 2. How did DC creator Kevin Williamson come up with the name Pacey?

a. Pacey is the name of the main character in his favorite novel. brier creek movies

b. Pacey is the name of his best friend growing up.

c. It’s a tribute to his sister Stacey.

3. Which character said this line–and to whom? “You were my first love. But you gotta grow up sometime.” a. Pacey to Andie b. Dawson to Joey c. Joey to Pacey 4. Which actor auditioned for a DC role six times and was never able to land a part?

a. Josh Hartnett b. Chris Klein c. Heath Ledger Answers: 1. B 2. B 3. B 4. A Brown, Lauren

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