Super Bowl 46 Prop Picks

Bet at 5dimesHere at Bang the Book, we are revving up our Super Bowl 46 betting coverage by analyzing some of the props both for the game and for some of the other miscellaneous activities like the National Anthem and the halftime show that could ultimately end up making you some great profits! Check out all of our Super Bowl props!

Tom Brady Under 324.5 Passing Yards (-130): Brady hasn’t always had the greatest luck in the postseason, and though the Giants have a secondary that has been under a lot of scrutiny this year, they also have a unit that has really stepped up in a big time way over the course of the last few weeks just to get to the Super Bowl. Brady is going to be under immense pressure in all likelihood, and the end result is that he is probably going to be forced to check down quite a bit to his running backs and tight ends. In the end, we just aren’t all that sure that the two weeks of preparation won’t have New York playing a similar defense to that of the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship Game, a unit that stymied the New England passing attack, really from start to finish.

Kelly Clarkson Doesn’t Botch National Anthem (-900): Alright, let’s be realistic here. Last year, Christina Aguilera screwed up an entire verse of the Star Spangled Banner, so this year, one of two things is happening. Either, Clarkson is really going to be making sure that she annunciates every single word properly, or the anthem is going to be lip-synced and recorded to ensure no goofs. In all of the times that we have heard the National Anthem at various important sporting events, we haven’t seen a heck of a lot of goofs. There simply can’t be a 1 in 9 chance that Clarkson becomes the second straight diva to mess up America’s song.

Madonna Has Visible Fishnet Stockings During Halftime Show (-140): This is Madonna that we are talking about. This is a woman that wore fishnet stockings for seemingly over a decade when she was really first at her height. The only thing that concerns us is that the Super Bowl has been super cautious about its acts since the whole “wardrobe malfunction,” but what we have seen over the last few years are acts like the Black Eyed Peas and now Madonna, acts which are getting more back to the “Top 40” scene. The strings are being loosened just a bit, and now, Madonna is probably going to end up wearing some ridiculous outfit that, in all likelihood, includes fishnets that are visible at some point over the course of the halftime show.

Sport Drink On the Field Before Game Ends (-170): Essentially what this prop is saying is that the game isn’t still in doubt as of the last play of the game. The NBC cameras aren’t going to miss whichever coach is dunked with Gatorade at the end. This covers all blowouts (obviously), and the truth of the matter is even if a defense makes a stop on fourth down with just a few seconds left in the game and there is still a knee to take to end the game, that Gatorade bath is coming for the winning coach before his quarterback trots out there and takes the ball for the final snap of the season. There are just zillions of possibilities for how an ounce of Gatorade can hit the field before the clock hits 0:00, and we are going to take full advantage of it with this prop.

No 4th Down Conversions In Game (+180): The Giants and Patriots have each had one fourth down conversion over the course of the postseason. These two teams really don’t end up going for it all that much in relation to some of the other teams in the league who are more prone to doing some gambling, especially when you’re talking about offenses that are really able to get up and get some points on the board in a hurry. The other truth of the matter is that these two ended up converting on just 11 total fourth down for the entire season. Simply put, that makes it completely unjustifiable to back this prop with any other answer aside from “No.” This may really be a heck of a lot closer to a 50/50 proposition than anyone wants to admit, and though we tend to see some unpredictable happenings in games like this one, that doesn’t mean that it is this likely that a team is even going to end up attempting a fourth down conversion, let alone successfully converting.

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