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After 20 weeks of waiting and wading through teams, there are just two combatants that are left to battle it out on the NFL betting odds in New Orleans for Super Bowl 47. The San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens are going to square off in the biggest game of the year on Sunday, and the winner is going to lift the Lombardi Trophy. Of course, with this being the Super Bowl, there are all sorts of absurd props that are on the board, as well as all of the traditional ones as well. Check out some of the best Super Bowl props to back this year!

First Score To Be A Touchdown (-145): It’s not all that often that you see this prop come out where the touchdown is such a short favorite. We all know about all of the problems that K David Akers has had over the course of the season, and QB Joe Flacco and the gang are putting up points left and right. Yes, the percentages tend to show that there were enough field goals kicked between these two teams this year to make the argument that a field goal could be kicked before a touchdown is scored, but we just don’t think that is going to be the case significantly more often than not.

Super Bowl 47 Props at BetDSIRay Rice Rushing Attempts Over 17.5 (+110): Rice has had 49 carries over the course of his last two playoff games, and we see no reason why that is going to stop in this game. Offensive Coordinator Jim Caldwell would much rather see Rice and RB Bernard Pierce pounding the ball against the 49ers than anything else, and we have to think that that is going to be exactly what happens. If you take out Week 17, a game that wasn’t really seriously played by either the Ravens or the Bengals, Rice had at least 20 carries in four of his final six games of the regular season, and he now has at least 19 carries in six out of nine. That’s more than good enough for us to think that he is going to do it again.

Game To Be Tied After 0-0 (+105): There have been a heck of a lot of tied game situations with the 49ers and the Ravens on the field here in the playoffs. Heck, remember that Baltimore/Denver game that featured 10 TDs? That game was tied five different times! We think that this is a prop bet that we get out of the way early, but even if we don’t, there’s a decent chance that somewhere along the way, there will be a tie beyond 0-0 after a conversion attempt or a kick.

Jay-Z Appears On Stage For Halftime Show (-160): Why? Because the line opened at +140 that he would appear on stage for halftime, and now, that line is down to -160. Somebody knows something in all likelihood, and we don’t want to miss the boat. It makes a heck of a lot of sense for Beyonce to have her man on stage for her biggest performance, and it wouldn’t be the first time that someone was supposed to have a halftime show at the Super Bowl and someone else joined him, her, or them.

Total Kickoff Returns Over 4.5 (+175): This is a fantastic price for a play like this one. K Justin Tucker and K David Akers just don’t have great legs, and neither one was the king of touchbacks this year by any stretch of the imagination. Granted, we know that it is going to take at least six or seven scores in this game to produce this man kickoff returns, but we think that we are going to get there when push comes to shove, even playing in the Superdome, where wind obviously isn’t a factor.

All One Point Conversions Made (-1700): It’s chalky, and we get it, but if this were to truly be the case, there would be a missed extra point every single week in the NFL. There were just six botched PATs this year, and neither of these teams were amongst the ones that screwed up. 99.51% of all extra points were made this year, and we figure that there should be no more than five or six chances to put a PAT on the board. This is easy money.

Ray Lewis Over 11.5 Tackles (-130): Oh, why not? Lewis has been all over the field here in the playoffs, and he has had at least 13 tackles in all of his games in the second season. There’s no reason to think against the 49ers in his final game that he won’t be able to get to 12 tackles again. There are some players that just transcend stats, and Lewis is one of those players.

Colin Kaepernick Under 43.5 Rushing Yards (+140): +140 on a stat that didn’t even cash half the time over the course of the last month of the season? Kaepernick is a great example of why ‘unders’ are generally great prop plays in the NFL. Everyone gets caught up in the fact that he rushed for 181 yards against the Green Bay Packers. No one mentions the fact that he rushed for 21 yards the next week against the Atlanta Falcons. They just say that he has averaged over 100 rushing yards per game in the playoffs. Foolish bettors…

Joe Flacco +46.5 Rushing Yards vs. Colin Kaepernick (-115): Same deal. You’ve got to rush for 47 yards to cover 46.5 yards, and we just don’t think that Kaepernick is going to do it.

Ray Rice To Score a Touchdown (+105): We’re back on the Ray Rice bandwagon once again, as we know that he is the short yardage back that often finds his way into the end zone for the Ravens. Baltimore has to get the diminutive back going and into the end zone, or this is going to be a long game for the offense. Basically a 50/50 proposition is more than good enough for us to think that Rice is going to put six on the board.

Dennis Pitta +6.5 Receiving Yards vs. Vernon Davis (-115): Pitta is one of the go-to guys for QB Joe Flacco. Davis was the man that was able to get the job done last week for the Niners, but we just don’t have the optimism that he can do it again. Remember that Davis only had seven reception in his previous seven games with QB Colin Kaepernick throwing him passes. It seems like a steal to give us a 6.5-yard head start. Pitta won’t have a 100+ yard game, and though Davis could, he probably won’t even be close.

Aaron Ryan

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