Super Bowl Odds 48 Entering the NFC & AFC Championship Games

Sportsbook.AGThe second round of the 2013-14 NFL season is said and done with, and today, we are going to be looking at some of the best and most valuable odds to win the Super Bowl as we continue on with the campaign.

1: Seattle Seahawks (+185) – The Seahawks probably knew when they didn’t finish off the 49ers back in Week 14 that they were probably going to have to go through them to win the Super Bowl. The insinuation is there that this might be the toughest game left for Seattle at +185, though we aren’t all that sure that these are the best odds to win the Super Bowl of the bunch regardless of the fact that it is going to be favored in the big one if it gets there in two more weeks. QB Russell Wilson and the gang didn’t look the sharpest in the world, but the defense did the job against the New Orleans Saints to move to the NFC Championship Game. The question that we have for the Seahawks is whether they can win games against the best when they aren’t playing at their best. They haven’t put together their best few games of late, and the argument could be made that, in spite of the fact that they are winning, they haven’t played a truly great game in a month. We’ll find out a heck of a lot more on Sunday against the Niners for sure.

2: Denver Broncos (+205) – QB Peyton Manning has never beaten the Patriots outdoors in the playoffs, but in fairness to him, he hasn’t lost to them at home in the playoffs in his career either. The son of Indianapolis is trying to become the second chosen boy in Denver as well behind the famed QB John Elway. If he can successfully win this game and then bring in the Lombardi Trophy back to the Rockies, there is a great chance that that is going to happen. However, the woods definitely aren’t cleared yet. The Broncos have tended to play a lot better in close games situations than from behind this year. They almost coughed up a lead to the San Diego Chargers for the second time this season, and they did successfully blow a 24-0 lead to these Patriots which they will play in the AFC Championship Game back in Week 12. However, in the close games, Manning and the gang seem to put things away and tidy up any lingering issues. The weather couldn’t be nicer than it is expected to be on Sunday afternoon at Mile High, and that’s the best news which Manning and the Broncos could have possibly gotten.

3: San Francisco 49ers (+345) – San Fran took a huge step in the right direction this week in terms of its Super Bowl odds by going on the road and beating the Carolina Panthers as a de facto pick ’em game. The team now has its biggest task, going on the road to Seattle, where it has had absolutely no success over the course of the last several years. In two games this year, the Niners scored just one touchdown and kicked five field goals against these Seahawks, and they were just never able to really get their acts together and get the ball in the end zone when it really mattered the most. In fact, in four games in the last two seasons, they have just three total touchdowns against Seattle. Here’s the good news for San Fran. If it does win this game, it has the goods to be able to match up with either of the teams from the AFC, and we wouldn’t be shocked if this is the year that we finally see this team take biggest step. The Niners made it to the NFC Championship Game two seasons ago and lost, won the NFC Championship Game last year and lost the Super Bowl to the Baltimore Ravens, and could ultimately win the whole thing this year. This is a great price on a team which has the longest winning streak (eight) of all of the teams left in the NFL.

4: New England Patriots (+510) – This wasn’t the best draw in the world for QB Tom Brady and company, and the argument could be made that this is the first time the team is really being challenged on the road in quite some time. The Patriots really have played a cupcake schedule this year, but in that schedule, they did beat these Broncos at Gillette Stadium. Still, there’s a big difference between beating the Broncos at home and beating them on the road when it really counts in the playoffs, and New England is probably going to find that one out when push comes to shove this week. There is no doubt that Head Coach Bill Belichick and the gang would be dogs in the Super Bowl regardless of who the foe is, and just from that standpoint, the Patriots have to be the biggest underdogs on the board. It’s an unfamiliar territory for sure for the Brady Bunch, but with five defensive starters on IR and virtually no playoff experience whatsoever at any of the receiver positions, it’s a wonder how Belichick and Brady can possibly pull off two wins against two of the best three teams in the NFL over the course of the next three weeks.

Adam Markowitz

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