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  • FEBRUARY 4TH, 2012

    2012 Super Bowl XLVI MVP Odds & Pick

    The Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award, or Super Bowl MVP, is presented annually to the most valuable player of the Super Bowl, the National Football League's (NFL) championship game. The winner is chosen by a fan vote during the game and by a panel of 16 American football writers and broadcasters who vote after the game. The media panel's ballots count f.....

  • FEBRUARY 4TH, 2012

    NFL Betting Trends- Super Bowl XLVI Betting Strategy

    NFL Betting Trends- Super Bowl XLVI Edition All season long we have been taking a close look at some of the most relevant betting trends in the NFL, but with just a few days left until kick-off of Super Bowl XLVI between the New York Giants and New England Patriots, it is time to fine-tune your betting strategy for the big game. Some estimates put the .....

  • FEBRUARY 2ND, 2012

    Where To Bet Superbowl 46

    The New York Giants and New England Patriots will have another go-around to try and match their classic in Super Bowl 42 in 2008, setting the stage for high theater inside the dome of Lucas Oil Stadium for the NFL’s biggest Sunday of the year where they will play Superbowl XLVI. And whats the only thing that could make this game alittle more exciting? Wage.....

  • JANUARY 31ST, 2012

    Tony K’s Superbowl Preview

    After all the waiting, the NFL sadly will be ending, yet excitedly boils down to this, the big game. We all wait with baited breath for the season to begin, rooting on our teams, hoping for them to make it to the Bowl. Now the season is almost over and although climactic like no other sporting event in the world, after this we wait for the Draft. The New.....